List of the best Websites to play free online games without downloading

by Abbey banji


So today in this article we are going to provide a list of the best sites to play free online games without downloading them. Online gaming websites are the best. Everyone loves to play games because games involve so much fun creating things and so many ways to fulfill our basic motivation.

We play games on computer, on an Android device or on Play Station. There are two ways to play games, one is offline and the other is online. Most of us prefer offline games, but once you get bored with your stored games, then you need to go to some online games. In online games, you will never get bored because here you will get thousands of free games in several categories.

On the sites below you will find a variety of free online games, including action games, arcade games, card games, puzzle games, and Sports and racing games, etc. Check the list below. below 10 best online gaming sites.

Top 10 best sites to play free online games without downloading


1. Kongregate



Kongregate is one of the best online gaming portals website. They offer over 87,000 free online games as well as reviews and user experience. They provide games in categories such as action, adventure, racing, shooting games, etc. So it’s easy to find your favorite games by exploring the categories.

Although registration is optional, if you register, you can track your points, collect badges, and participate in chat and forums. It is therefore better to register as a member.

2.Addicting Games



Addicting Game is the largest online gaming site in the United States. Over 10 million users flock to this site each month. They launch more than a dozen games each week. All games in Addicting Games are submitted by game developers from around the world. They provide games in categories such as strategy, car, shooting, sports, action, puzzles, and so on.

So just choose your game and start playing, but before you start if you register, you can track your score and you can also challenge your friends.

3. MiniClip



MiniClip is one of the leading online gaming sites. MiniClip offers not only online games, but also mobile and social games. Most of the games on MiniClip are original and only available on this site. They provide free online games, including action, shooting, adventure, sports, stunts, and 3D games.

Registration is free and optional, but registration will help you track your high scores, your rankings, and create your own avatar on miniclip.

4. Armor Games



This is another best place on the web to play free online games without downloading. New games are added to Armor Games every week. They offer free games in many different genres such as puzzle games, online war games, online car games, online shooter games, etc.

Registration on Armor Games is free and once you register, they will provide you with advertising on the site and you will also be able to create your own list of favorite games, earn armor points and participate in community chat.

5. PoGo

Pogo is a great place to play free online games. They have a huge collection of free games. Unlike other free online gaming sites, they offer a variety of classic Hasbro board games like RISK, YAHTZEE, SCRABBLE, and MONOPOLY. They provide many games in several genres such as card, board, casino, word games, arcade games, etc.

Registration on PoGo is free and optional, but if you register, you will get more benefits such as participating in the draw, logging into Facebook, winning a token, etc.

6. NewGrounds



NewGrounds is the world’s largest flash-based games and entertainment site. They offer a large number of free online games. Not only online games also offer animated films, audio, art, etc.

NG offers games in several categories such as Action, Adventure, Puzzles, Gadgets, Skills, Sport, etc.

7. Free Online Game (FOG)

FOG publishes some of the best games available online and all games are completely free. They have a massive collection of online games in several categories, including adventure games, defense games, driving games, flight games, multiplayer games, sorting games, etc.

Registration on FOG is free. If you signed up, you will access the game chat room, view history, favorites list, etc.


8. B Games



B Games is another free online gaming site, specially designed for gamers. All games in B Games are of high quality. They also offer thousands of free online games and downloadable games.

They update new games every day so that you can touch new games every time. They offer games in several genres, including car games, girl games, racing games, shooter games, puzzle games, etc.

9. CandyStand

Candystand is another best place to play free online games. They offer free games in several categories, including puzzles, racing, arc, card, sports games, and a ton of more free online games.

Candystand actually appears on free online gaming sites because it gives a ton of rewards to registered users who win each time in order to reach the best-ranking list on several of their games or to swap your seats as you make games.

10. Gamehouse



Gamehouse is best known for its downloadable games, but also they have a huge collection of free online games. Games include puzzles, actions, sports, arcade, kids, match 3, strategy, word games, etc.

Although there are many free online gaming sites, but the sites listed above are the best and most popular sites for playing free online games without downloading. I hope you like this list of free online gaming sites. If you have ideas or want to share your experience on these free online gaming sites, let us know in your comment.

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