[Download] Grand Theft Auto San Andreas port PS vita VPK / MAI / NoNpDrm (Latest update version 2.0)

by Abbey banji

Download GTA San Andreas PS vita: VPK / MAI / NoNpDrm from Google drive direct download link. Make sure your PS Vita is already moded and you have the latest PSM runtime, NoNpDrm and all necessary plugin before you install and play this game.



The gta sa game files for psvita in this post is not an official version, it is a modified version 2.0 based on the android and PS2 port directly with many amazing features and enhancements.

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Is there Grand Theft Auto(GTA) San Andreas for PS Vita?

Yes, there is an Android/Ps2 version port of previous GTA SA games available for the PlayStation vita. The game port has been confirmed working great on psvita handheld console, and it is very easy to install on a moded console. It is based on the android and PS2 port directly.

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas for PS vita Gameplay



The Psvita version of GTA San Andreas has everything its console counterpart offers. You can play the original story mode and experience similar gameplay and mechanics that you would have seen in the PC version. It also comes with updated graphics, and reinvented controls. The game contains many features and customisations but comes in a small size. The game file is massive and will use about 2.5GB of space on your Vita. The resolution is pretty low, despite available adjustments. You can play for a long time without using much battery.

GTA San Andreas for PS vita VPK MAI NoNpDrm Features:

  • You get the same sandbox type of freedom between completing missions and explore places such as Los Santos.
  • Performance is outstanding in GTA: SA for Psvita. The actions are smooth and precise, and all the micro-interactions seamless.
  • You will get the same, low-quality animation and some poor texture but there are settings for you to ramp up the resolutions.

Requirements for GTA San Andreas PS vita port:

  • Your PlayStation Vita must be Moded.
  • Make sure you have your PSM runtime Updated.
  • You must have all required plugin installed properly on your Vita. Open AutoPlugin II app, install FdFix v1.0 and Kubridge v.01 by TheOfficialFlow.
  • Copy all the required files to psvita console and install VPK using VitaShell.

How to download Grand Theft Auto San Andreas PS VITA VPK / MAI / NoNpDrm?

Here is the direct download link, the modified/port version only 2GB in size highly Compressed for psvita.

Download GTA San Andreas Psvita VPK From Google drive

Download GTA San Andreas Psvita VPK/MAI Complete folder From Google drive

All thanks to Abishek Einstein for Uploading the files.

How To Install and Play Grand Theft Auto (GTA) San Andreas PS vita VPK / MAI / NoNpDrm Port

  1. Make sure you have all the required plugin installed through AutoPlugin.
  2. Open VitaShell, press select to connect your Psvita to your Computer, you can either connect through USB or FTP .
  3. Download the two different files in this post to your PC
  4. Goto the download link above and download the two files. You need both the VPK and the gta sa folder make sure you allow the automatic download of multiple folders on your PC.
  5. Extract all the files in the two downloaded folders to a safe place on your pc.
  6. Now open the gtasa-001 folder and copy the files to your Psvita Data folder. (The file is over 2GB in size, so it will take sometime)
  7. Copy the GTA San Andreas.VPK to the root of your Psvita SD card.
  8. Disconnect your Vita from Computer after copying all files.
  9. Open VitaShell, and go into your ux0 folder install the gta sa vpk.
  10. All done

Check out the video below:



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