Women in Betting: Leading Ladies Making Waves in the Gambling World

by Abbey banji

Discover how women are making their mark in the world of sports betting and why the 2023 Women’s Football World Cup is set to revolutionize female participation in betting. Explore statistics, trends, and insights into the growing influence of women in the betting industry.



Women in Betting: the Leading Ladies

Women bet and win. We first noticed the topic of “women’s sports betting” on a popular betting forum. We accidentally came across a very lively thread about the World Cup, and most of the participants in the conversation were representatives of the fair sex. Since then, we began to notice frequent comments from girls in the group about sports forecasts and bonuses from bookmakers.

According to Melbourne-based gambling researcher Kenis, various cash games have gained enormous popularity among young women over the past decade. But until now, the world of gambling has been a man’s world. Do you agree?

In advertisements for sports betting and casinos, we often heard the message specifically for them – a couple of men with a beer in a pub, with friends at a football match, aggressive, courageous voice acting, urging us to participate in a bet – this is exactly what advertising from gambling companies looked like. But this is gradually becoming a thing of the past.

Some Statistics

According to the Australian Gambling Research Centre, the average gambler has the following characteristics: 18-29 years old, male, and single. But although men make up the majority worldwide, women in the betting industry are also beginning to declare themselves actively. 88% of players are men. 12% – Ladies (statistics for 2022). In 2023, the situation will change even more.

According to the best bookmakers in South Africa, players in this bookmaker are divided in the following ratio: 85/15. Traditionally, women have gravitate more towards bingo and the lottery, while sports betting has remained the domain of men. Over the past few decades, changing gender roles have resulted in more women participating in all aspects of sports: playing, commentating, and watching.

Not surprisingly, gambling followed. Women placed bets. “This should not be a surprise to us. We saw this with tobacco and alcohol, where men used to be the target audience… And then it expanded to include women in its marketing campaigns.”

Women Win

Statistically, men are more competent players, but women are more cautious and risk-averse. It is behind the second quality that lies, firstly, frugality, and secondly, a higher percentage ratio of wins to losses. This is how stereotypes are destroyed by progress and emancipation.

Future Predictions

The 2023 Women’s Football World Cup is set to provide a breakthrough in the world of women’s betting.

According to analysts, the number of people interested in women’s football is growing exponentially. The previous World Cup broke all records for the size of the audience.

One billion people watched the 2019 Women’s World Cup in France, and the 2023 World Cup in Australia should attract an audience twice as large. And this is a cautious forecast. Most likely, the jump will be even sharper. And this tournament will be the “perfect storm” to increase the number of bettors of the fair sex.

According to statistics, women, on average, earn more than men on bets. At the same time, they are more interested in betting on women’s football than in men’s football.

That is why Australia, the USA and South Africa expect a significant expansion of the female segment in betting. This is reflected in the bookmaker’s line, where you can increasingly see women’s football tournaments, the popularity of which is growing by leaps and bounds.


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