10 Best and Stable Android 9.0 Pie Custom ROM For Xiaomi Pocophone F1

by Abbey banji
10 Best and Stable Android 9.0 Pie Custom ROM For Xiaomi Pocophone F1 30

   This is the collections of the best and stable Android 9.0 Pie custom roms available for Xiaomi Pocophone F1 also known as poco f1. You just have to download and install them and choose best one to use as your daily driver on your phone.The flash file are from different developers and teams from the XDA forum.

   All custom made Firmwares are stable and very good for daily usage, you are also going to be receiving new updates from the Firmware developers and they also comes with all Android 9.0 and the possibility to add more exciting user customization for the advanced users without limitations.

   ROMs should contain everything, including latest updated features. You are not required to install any Add Ons, simply scroll down and download any latest ROM below, Google Apps, flash it, and go!

What is Custom ROM?

   Custom ROM replaces your Android Operating system (Stock ROM) which comes with your Phone or Tablet. As you all know Android is an open source platform where a developer can take all the source code from Google and build their own operating system images for Android phones and tablets from scratch. This Custom or Home built Firmware is known as Custom ROM. It comes with a kernel which makes it a fully standalone OS. So some developer in Android Community will customize the Android OS by stripping all the Bloatwares and makes it a pure Android experience with no carrier or OEM installed apps.

Reasons to install:

   WHY in this day and age, anyone would want to install a custom ROM on their phone? The reasons is that there are a lot of features that people want from an AOSP and LOS based version of Android/custom ROM that isn’t possible on various OEM ROMs. a lot of modifications can be flashed in TWRP  that add more features. Then there are the people who feel that OEM ROMs,  are too bloated with useless features which, in turn, reduce the overall performance and battery life of the device. So flashing a stock-based custom ROM with Treble is a great way to get away from that setup.

How to install Custom Rom:

  • Download the ROM
  • Backup each and every partition from TWRP Recovery
  • Make a full wipe (system, data, cache, dalvik)
  • Download and Flash your desired ROM.zip file
  • Wipe cache!
  • And at last Reboot!
  • [First boot will take few minutes! Have patience]
  • Clean Flash is always recommended!

TWRP Custom Recovery:

To Install Any Custom firmware, you need TWRP Recovery on your device. Once you have
installed TWRP, you can easily start installing ROM or any mods on your Pocophone F1 device.

Important/ Needed Files:

  • You will need to unlock your Bootloader To install custom recovery, which in turn allows you to quickly install and reinstall the system, install various patches, add-ons that improve the system, add new features, and create and later restore backups Click here to get started.
  • Twrp recovery

Download TWRP Installer here and transfer in C: of your computer.
Fastboot your Poco F1 and plug it
Open TWRP Installer folder and click (run as administrator) twrp-installer.bat

Here is the list of Best Android P Custom ROM:

AospExtended (AEX) ROM Pie OFFICIAL

10 Best and Stable Android 9.0 Pie Custom ROM For Xiaomi Pocophone F1 31

AOSP Extended is an AOSP based ROM which provides stock UI/UX experience with useful customizations. Being based on AOSP it provides a smooth experience. We have added useful customizations from various other open source projects and have tried to keep our things simple. A ROM by a user, for a user. #BeExtended

ROM Details:
Firmware status: Official
Based on: AOSP
Android version: Pie 9.0
Google Apps: Embedded
Developer: theHari08

XDA Forum Link
Download Link

Pixel Experience Official Pie

10 Best and Stable Android 9.0 Pie Custom ROM For Xiaomi Pocophone F1 32

   Pixel Experience is an AOSP/CAF based ROM, with Google apps included and all Pixel goodies (launcher, wallpapers, icons, fonts, bootanimation). Our mission is to offer the maximum possible stability and security, along with essential features for the proper functioning of the device. DON’T FLASH GAPPS, ALREADY INCLUDED.

Firmware  Status: Official
Based on:  AOSP
Android Version:  Pie 9.0
Google Apps: Embedded
Developer: henrique09
ROM Firmware Required: TWRP, Unlocked bootloader

XDA Forum Link
CAF Version

LineageOS 16 Pie Official

10 Best and Stable Android 9.0 Pie Custom ROM For Xiaomi Pocophone F1 33

Firmware status: Official
Based on: LineageOS
Android version: Pie 9.0
Google Apps: No
Hosts: bgcngm, warabhishek

Download Link


The first public build android 9 Pie from a very well-known developer, who is likely to be in charge of the build (interesting fact is that he is one of 10 custom firmware developers who received the phone then xiaomi for their development).  About firmware – this is standard LiniageOS, almost no settings, as close as possible to the stock android. Everything works without bugs. He tested it for more than a week. Adaptation under the eyebrow is, if there is not enough space for notifications,
then one point appears.


  • Added toggle screen lock screen (preferences> lockscreen preferences)
  • Fixed HDR display issue while playing HDR videos.
  • Fixed rom stuck at “device is starting”
  • Fixed animation channel
  • Fixed animation when hidden device
  • Lineage upstream
  • Added a switch to automatically close the screen to lock the face ( settings> security and location> lock screen settings)
  • Fixed problem with HDR display during HDR video playback.
  • Fixed rom, stuck on the “device starts”
  • Fixed channel notification messages
  • Fixed animation glitch when the label is hidden while locking the device
  • Lineage upstream

Download Link
Mirror (Vendor) Link

OXYGEN OS Pie by Sandeep (@CodeElixir)

2 Ports available:
OxygenOS-v9.0.4-OP6-sGSI based on OnePlus 6 base
OxygenOS-v9.0.12-OP6-sGSI based on OnePlus 6t base

1 Vendor is now built into the firmware
2. Flash firmware
3. Decoder with magic 4.
Gapps are built-in !! – no need to install

Download Link
Vendor Link

NITROGEN OS Official Pie

Nitrogen OS, ROM for the Xiaomi Poco F1

Rom details:
ROM OS Version: 9.x Pie
ROM Kernel: Linux 4.x
Based On: AOSP
Version Information
Status: Beta
Current Beta Version: V13
Beta Release Date: 2019-03-06
Android OS version: 9.0.0_r33
For devices: Xiaomi Poco F1 (Beryllium)
Authors build: Shahan_mik3

Wipe Data(if coming from another rom)
Flash rom zip
Flash gapps and Magisk 17+

Xda Forum Thread Link
Download Link
Tested builds Link


10 Best and Stable Android 9.0 Pie Custom ROM For Xiaomi Pocophone F1 34

Havoc-OS is an all new ROM based on LineageOS. So many features that you probably won’t find in any ROM. Just flash and enjoy…


  • System-wide Rounded UI
  • Dolby Atmos support
  • Full OMS support
  • Full OOS cam compatibility
  • System-wide burn-in protection
  • Spectrum support
  • Compiled using SDCLANG
  • Razer Phone lock/unlock sounds
  • OTA support
  • Signature spoofing
  • Micro-G support
  • Mady’s Xtended kernel

Rom Details:
ROM OS Version: 9.x Pie
ROM Kernel: Linux 4.x
Based On: LineageOS
Version Information
Status: Stable
Current Stable Version: 2.0

Download Link
TWRP-3.2.3 Recovery

BaikalOS Pie Official

10 Best and Stable Android 9.0 Pie Custom ROM For Xiaomi Pocophone F1 35

BaikalOS is our Android custom ROM variant with powersave and stability as #1 priority.
Based on the Ground Zero Android Open Source Project (GZOSP) and enriched by our developers with lots of custom enhancements and powersave features. BaikalOS isn’t better, just powersave.
The firmware has OTA update

XDA Forum
Download Link

Resurrection Remix v7.0.1 [beryllium]

10 Best and Stable Android 9.0 Pie Custom ROM For Xiaomi Pocophone F1 36

   Resurrection Remix the ROM has been based on LineageOS, SlimRoms, Omni and original Remix ROM builds, this creates an awesome combination of performance, customization, power and the most new features, brought directly to your Device.
Many things that in previous versions were tweaked with mods, are now included by default in the ROM so, please enjoy! Special thanks to, the LineageOS team, Omni team , SlimRoms and of course to all the supporters.

How to install:

  • Make sure you have a custom recovery installed(TWRP is the preferred recovery)
  • Download the latest Resurrection Remix Rom & the latest GApps package
  • Boot into recovery
  • Perform a FULL factory wipe and wipe/system and dalvik cache as a precaution
  • Flash ResurrectionRemix Rom
  • Flash Google Apps package(Optional)
  • Flash Magisk Root(Optional)
  • First boot may take up to 10 minutes.

Download Link

Viper OS v6.1 Pie

10 Best and Stable Android 9.0 Pie Custom ROM For Xiaomi Pocophone F1 37

   We are a Brazilian team, ViperOS aims to bring stability and useful features. If you are looking for a stable ROM with true tested features, minimal bugs and no Lineage bloatwares, then this is the place to be.

  • Added OTA Services updater
  • Statusbar
  • QS settings
  • Clock statusbar settings
  • Battery style
  • Carrier label
  • Network traffic
  • VoLTE icon toggle
  • 4G/LTE icon toggle
  • Rounded corner settings
  • QS for Reboot/Recovery
  • QS Screenshot full and partial
  • And so much more.

Rom Details:
Based on: Los
Android version: Pie 9.0
Google Apps: No
Developer: sandy108

XDA Link
Download Link
MIUI Firmware 9.1.17 or above is required
Download from OpenGApps or ViperGApps 

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