[Experience] U8 Pro Smartwatch Personal Novice Review

by Abbey banji
[Experience] U8 Pro Smartwatch Personal Novice Review 24

   This is my personal experience after using the U watch U8 pro smartwatch for 3 weeks. I will be telling you about the features, cons and my own personal opinion. I always thought using a smartwatch was silly, until i nearly lost my brand new Bluboo Maya Max smartphone. It happens that i forgot it in a public cab (taxi), the driver of the cab been an honest person, fortunately returned it to me after 2 days.

   You can’t imagine the confusion and the panic i faced. So i started thinking about how this will not happen to me again. I started by searching for the available smartwatches on Gearbest.com online store, most especially i will prefer a watch with the anti-loss alarm feature.

[Experience] U8 Pro Smartwatch Personal Novice Review 25

   I found so many smartwatch on Gearbest online store, another issue is the price. Spending about $100-$200 on a watch is just too expensive and i am not willing to pay that kind of a price. After searching for a long time i found one for only $27 to me this is an affordable price, as long as i can check the time and it also has the anti loss feature.

Buy the  U8 Pro Smartwatch For only $9 on Gearbest (Sim Version)
Buy the U watch Pro Smartwatch  For $27 on Gearbest (Bluetooth Version)

About the 1.55 “TFT LCD Capacitive Touch Screen display:

   The LCD screen is wide enough, unless you have a very small wrist you will not have problems using it. The screen is tactile, so you may have a problem using it in winter if you wear gloves. Luckily, it has a button on the right side that you can also press to see the time. At first it feel a bit “weird”, because to save battery the screen will always turn off after a few seconds and  you have to press the button again. But i get used to it after using it for a few days.

Sim card. Can be used as a stand-alone phone:

   Well, I’ve tried it with my sim card and it works well. Am not sure if it will work with all sim or networks. But i don’t have a spare sim card, so i normally don’t use my sim-card with it.

[Experience] U8 Pro Smartwatch Personal Novice Review 26

Answer or make calls from your wrist (hands-free):

   It works as if am connected with a hands-free using my phone Bluetooth. I don’t really like this, because when your phone rings, the watch will starts to ring and vibrate with it, this can be very embarrassing sometimes most especially when am in a public place, it sometimes draw some unusual attention to me. The name of the caller appears on the watch display (only if you have it in your contact list) and you can answer or reject the call from the watch. But this can be very useful, especially when driving.

Playing music on my watch:

   This feature is not useful for me. First: i don’t feel comfortable listening to music on the U8 pro speaker, especially when i can easily use an  earpiece with my phone. Second: I  have to connect it with the multimedia audio of the Bluetooth of my phone, which means that ALL the notification alert of my phone will also sound on the smartwatch: When i get a Whatsapp or an Email message, i will always get a “disrupted sound effect”.
The inbuilt watch music player doesn’t allow you to control the music player on your phone, that means i cannot skip or next a song when playing music with the watch which is a major disappointment to me.

Synchronize contacts / SMS / call history (only works on Android phones):

   I don’t really use this function, considering that I will always have my phone within 10 meters. But what i really like is been able to read my sms messages and  missed calls without a need to bring out my phone from my pocket.

[Experience] U8 Pro Smartwatch Personal Novice Review 27

The Anti-lost alarm feature:

   This is one of the features that makes me buy this watch in the first place. It function is to warn you when your smartwatch loses connection with your phone Bluetooth. It works quite well, although sometimes the connection is lost for no reason and the warning alarm starts to ring. The actual range is about 5 meters, and will be much less if your phone is outside and you are in the room ( walls). The sound of the loss alarm can not be changed and there are times when it is uncomfortable to suddenly hear the sound of an ambulance from your wrist, just because you forget your cell phone in your jacket. This might sound funny, but it is better to hear a hundred false alarms than losing my cell phone.

Stopwatch, alarm, pedometer, FM radio and camera:

   You can’t really rely on those features: the camera can make a beautiful lady looks extremely ugly in 1 sec! the picture quality is bad. The Fm radio needs to have a headphones connected to the watch  and I have never use it. To make matters worse, the pedometer is unreliable.

Remote image capture:

[Experience] U8 Pro Smartwatch Personal Novice Review 28

   I think i like this. It works as your phone camera remote control, you can snap pictures and record videos using your Smartwatch without touching your Smartphone, but the photo will be taken by the phone’s camera and will be stored in the phone memory. It is okay when you want to take a picture and You can’t physically see the screen of your phone.

Sleep monitor:

   I don’t know how to use this or how it works, all i know is  that  i will have to charge my battery again every morning each time i activate it.

Find your  phone:

   In theory, you click this icon on your watch and an alarm sounds on your phone so you can easily find it.

 Car Loss:

I have no idea what this function is all about or how to use it.

Notification of incoming messages:

This option deserves special attention:
   Actually this feature has been much more useful than I thought, and i have become addicted to it. I always put my phone in the inner pocket of my jacket, or in my backpack, i can only feel my phone vibrate and hear message notification sounds, but I found it very annoying to stop and read it (pick up the phone, open the lid, unlock the screen).

   When you have incoming messages the U8 Pro smartwatch, vibrates and the screen is turned on. If you have enable the read message option, by just looking at the screen you will see the topic of your email inbox or the first lines of the message received.

But for this feature to work correctly you have to make some little changes:

1 – Forget the application recommended in the manual. You will have to Download and use Mediatek SmartDevice Here.  And do not forget to select only the applications that you want to receive notification, otherwise, you will receive notification for ALL messages on your phone and it will drain your battery.


2 – Don’t use the Gmail application, download Blue Mail instead. With the Gmail application, you receive a message on the clock that says “you have a new email”. With blue mail shows the summary of your messages.

3 – Forget the traditional Whatsapp, download Whatsapp plus. With whatsapp the same thing will happen, it will notify that “you have a new message”. You have to install whatsapp plus and activate the extended notifications in settings to see the messages received. you will only see the  3 or 4 first lines of your messages and notifications, but that is more than enough. It will also notify you of all your unread messages until you have read them.

Watch interface:

[Experience] U8 Pro Smartwatch Personal Novice Review 29

   You have 4 interface designs to choose from, 3 “Analogue” and 1 digital. I personally use the digital interface design, i can easily know the time and date. The other three watch interface are fine, but they have very little contrast between background color and the seconds and can be very difficult for me to see in direct sunlight.

   In conclusion, i have nothing more to tell you. The battery life is good and manageable too, as long as you turn it off when you get home and charge it at night.
Do you have a U8 pro Smartwatch? Tell me about your experience about this watch by commenting below!

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