There are 2 ways you can download and watch movies on telegram. You can either do this by joining some movies channel or telegram bots. Telegram has two very interesting features: Bot and Channel. The Bot is an automatic robot for specific functions while " Channel " are broadcast channels for content targeted.
Huawei Mate 30 Pro: how to install the Google Play Store and Google apps
You can install the Play Store and use all Google services without any problem on Huawei Mate 30 Pro and Mate 30 thanks to a simple trick. This is one of the best android smartphones in 2019, but unfortunately, it doesn't come pre-installed with Google Play Store and services.
Dark Mode WhatsApp Android how to activate it NOW
Do you want to activate WhatsApp Dark Mode on Android? Are you tired of the classic light theme of WhatsApp and do you want to activate the black theme of WhatsApp on Android immediately?
Here are the 3 best apps you can use to create Christmas cards for free directly on your Android phone and amaze those who will receive them this Xmas season. You don't have to be an artist to create personalized greeting cards, it's easier than you think, just having the right tools and an Android device.
use dual-whatsapp-same-device
You have a dual SIM phone running on Android, and you're wondering if it might be possible to activate a WhatsApp account with two numbers on the same device? You will then be interested to know that this is feasible. We will explain how to proceed.
record whatsapp video call with audio
Do you want to record your WhatsApp video call with audio? Even if the application does not allow it natively and if your Android smartphone does not have a screen recorder, there is a solution.
best Free AntiSpyware Cleaning Tools
Here is the list of the best free antispyware program you can use to protect your PC in the year 2019. There are some apps designed to infiltrate your computer without you noticing and spying on everything you do on your PC. 
what are VoIP calls and how does it work. VoIP is a protocol that is used to make voice calls over the Internet.
We're going to explain how to avoid being automatically added to WhatsApp groups without your permission so that your friends or contacts will have to send an invitation before adding you to any groups.
whatsapp messenger
The WhatsApp messaging application includes a synchronization system trick that gives you enough time to recover messages deleted by mistake.