Nokia Lumia 930 RM-1045 Latest Flash Firmware Collections Download

You are currently viewing Nokia Lumia 930 RM-1045 Latest Flash Firmware Collections Download

Nokia Lumia 930 RM-1045 Latest Flash Firmware Collections Download

Nokia Lumia 930 RM-1045 Latest Flash Firmware Collections Download 3

As Microsoft has closed down almost every Nokia related service and sites, it is now very difficult to get software files of Nokia phones. I have provided a collections of working links and mirrors to download Latest and old firmware files for the Nokia lumia 930 RM-1045.


Before you proceed any further please check out this blog post i created on installing and downloading of Nokia and Lumia phones Firmware Here.

Most of the download links are not in English, you can use a browser with automatic translation i recommend google chrome browser.

Downloading and Flashing a Firmware can help you to reset and recover your phone software at anywhere and anytime without a need for an internet connection.This can really help you if your phone is not responding, frozen, experiencing software related or software update problems.
You can also request for more Lumia 930 firmwares with product codes by commenting on this post.

Nokia Lumia 930 (RM-1045)
Product-code: 059W004
Country: England
Color: Black
Version: 02540.00019.15235.40007_085

Model: the Lumia 930 (RM-1045)
the Product-below code: 059W263
Name: the VAR, EURO 6A this CV the WHITE
Country: Russia, Belarus (Multilanguage change in settings)
Color: White
Version: 02061.00066.14353.31002_019

Model: the Lumia 930 (RM-1045)
Product-code: 059W262
Country: Russian (Multilanguage change in settings)
Color: Black
Software Version: 02061.00066.14252.51001

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  1. Unknown

    hallo can you post a lumia firmware RM-1045 VAR EURO IT CV BLACK?
    thanks. sorry for my english

  2. Unknown101

    Hey, what can i do to fix microphone speakerphone?? *dunno if its writen correctly*

    1. Unknown101

      Coz, i found a comment about reflashing my phone in “lumia phone recovery”
      Nokia Lumia 930

    2. Abbey banji

      Microphone speaker issues is hardware problem, you need to take to an engineer to fix

  3. steven

    hey, what can i do with nokia lumia 930, can reflashing help with microphone issues?

    1. steven

      Sorry for a spam (3 comments) i didnt saw them when i refreshed website and i thought they were deleted.

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