Best Computer Game Recording Programs

by Abbey banji

You could videotape your games in high quality with game recording software. You could operate these to publish your vids on internet communities. These programs let you store videos in many file types, including MOV, MP4, GIF, etc. Numerous of these solutions make it simple to record live streaming.



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Take a look at the catalog of the greatest game videotaping apps and unique characteristics. You’ll find non-proprietary and proprietary supplements here. Don’t you mind read our catalog to find the greatest app which helps you do screen recording for gaming, do you?


It is one of the best (and most famous) programs for video game recording. Its popularity is due to its codec, which in the recording process “does not load” the processor heavily. Thanks to this, the video capture screen can be even on fragile machines.


  • Ability to do video capture (with audio) from almost any games (even the oldest – the program sees everything!);
  • Minimal load on your CPU during the recording thanks to its particular codec;
  • High-quality video recording, with the ability to get a stable 60 FPS (almost no distortion, just like it was on your screen when I captured it. Note: provided that your computer was not slowing down during the recording);
  • ability to take screenshots;
  • ability to see FPS (to learn how to increase it you can here);
  • very simple interface: just a few tabs, it is easy to switch and you can quickly find the desired setting;
  • small program size – only a few megabytes!
  • Screenshot of Fraps window
  • Screenshot of Fraps main window


  • the main disadvantage – received videos of large size (several minutes can take several gigabytes on HDD), because the program compresses them weakly (due to this the minimum load on the processor is achieved);
  • bad work with sound: no possibility to divide the sound into several tracks;
  • no possibility to pause at recording;
  • no possibility to choose a resolution of the recorded file, it is only possible to set the FPS and the size: full screen or half of it;
  • in the free version of the program you can make screenshots only in BMP format;


Universal software for screen capture with a lot of settings (unlike the previous one): choice of codecs, hotkeys, mouse click effects, hidden cursor, recording timer settings, etc.


  • Ability to record almost all modern computer games;
  • There’s a handy timer for recording, you can also set the program to record automatically when it’s running;
  • Convenient, practical, and easy-to-learn interface (even a novice user can handle it);
  • Support for capturing at 60 FPS (not all programs can do this!);
  • Multiple selections of codecs for video and audio recording (Important! The load on your PC depends on the choice of codec. If you choose codecs correctly for recording, you’ll record video without lags!)
  • There is a special program to fix the file in case you close the game or record by mistake (for example, if an error appears on the entire screen…);
  • It is possible to create settings templates, so you can quickly switch them depending on your needs at a particular time;
  • There is a function to pause at any time – and most importantly, the ability to continue to record video and audio afterward (many programs have an error after “pressing” the pause and do not record).


  • the program is paid (and it should be noted, not the cheapest among competitors);
  • Inferior in terms of loading the same Fraps;
  • there are some games the program refuses to record.

Mirillis Action!

This is a powerful multifunctional real-time screen recording software that allows you to create Live broadcasts, take screenshots and see the real FPS in games. You can also make money with betwinner CM


  • Video can be captured in different variations: full-screen, selected area, or just gameplay;
  • video is recorded in formats: avi and mp4, audio: wav and mp4-audio;
  • suitable even for the creation of video tutorials on the passage of the games, tutorials, etc.
  • the ability to record music from the games, adding voice comments in the process;
  • there is an option to control the program from a cell phone;
  • You can create screenshots (screenshots are saved as BMP, PNG, JPEG);
  • Live broadcasting (streaming);
  • user-friendly interface.


  • non-standard video resolution (for example, choosing 720p – you get 1320 x 720, although in idea should be 1280 x 720);
  • uses a lot of resources;
  • No support for Windows XP;
  • On weak machines, it has a significant FPS reduction when recording (sometimes video acceleration occurs);
  • the program is paid.


It’s very convenient to start a gamer career when you are using a good videotape app. So make sure you picked the right one! Good luck, and have a nice day.

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