Beginner’s Guide to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

by Abbey banji

If you’ve just begun your adventure in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, there are so many things you must know to boost your gaming experience. From PC configurations to tips and tricks, this beginner’s guide will walk you through the basics of this action-adventure game. Furthermore, as you advance in the game, you’ll become more familiar with the interface, controls, and tricks.

Beginner’s Guide to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 9

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The Ropes of Modern Warfare 2 for Beginners

If you’d like to grab more tools for Modern Warfare tricks and hacks, we suggest you visit Meanwhile, let’s dive into the basics of COD: Modern Warfare 2

Configuring your Gaming Device

Configuring your gaming device makes it easier to enjoy the game without breaches. If you’re playing on mobile, configure your phone settings to adapt to the game requirements.

If you’re playing on Xbox series, PlayStation devices, or PCs, the device screen resolution must be compatible with the game. Optimizing your gaming control makes controlling your game characters easier.

Understand the Game Interface

Every icon in Modern Warfare 2 has its function. You can play with the “icons” to understand their uses before you begin your adventure. Learn how to use the weapons and when to use them.

Understand how your health is reduced and replenished. Understand how the map works. Explore the game to get a better knowledge of its interface.

Learn When to Use Your Tricks

Using hacks and tricks in your game unlocks many benefits like killstreaks, health bars, weapons, UAVs, etc.

For instance, if you use a C4 in an enemy’s camp, you will get high kills as a beginner or a pro. Plus, getting many kills provides useful killstreaks like Ghost, Footstep trails, etc.

If you understand the best time to use each trick, you will have the best experience.

Always have someone watching your back.

One of the best ways to understand Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 is by playing with multiple players or a team.

COD has a large community of gamers, from intermediate to pro levels. So, you can learn how the play, communicate with them, and explore a new dimension of how things work in the game.

Playing with teammates makes Modern Warfare 2 more fun and enlightening. You’ll understand how they flank enemies and use tricks and weapons in the game.

Upgrade Your Weapons Whenever Prompted

As you progress in Modern Warfare 2, you’ll need to upgrade your weapons. Upgrade the magazine, barrel, etc. Purchase as many mags as possible. It makes reloading during a gunfight faster and easier.

Upgrading your weapons keeps them up to date. Thus, taking down enemies becomes easy. You can also purchase more weapons that you can switch during the game.

Develop Tactical Movement and Shooting Skills

Before you start this action-adventure game, you must learn the ABCs of shooting and how to move in the game to avoid being hit by the enemy.

Some basic movement and shooting skills you can adopt include jump shots, drop shots, sliding, and headshots. Practice these tricks; they can help you take down enemies in strategic corners in the game.

Another vital trick you must keep in mind is pre-aiming. Always stay combat-ready. You don’t want enemies to attack unexpectedly. Furthermore, learn to take cover while you move. It will help you last longer in the game.


Explore the whole Game Modes

Modern Warfare 2 has eight (8) game modes with different objectives. Explore the game modes, learn the Objectives, and familiarize yourself with them. It’s important.

You can start with any of the modes. But make sure you try all. That way, you get a better understanding of how the game modes in COD Modern Warfare work.

Always Keep an Eye on Your Health Status

Monitoring your health status helps you live longer in Modern Warfare 2. Thanks to the special perks that help you recover your health while you play. To unlock the Perks, you need high kills and points.

On the other hand, always take cover. It will help you dodge enemy shots. Make sure to map out objects you can hide behind for a while.

Explore and Develop Unique Flanking Skills

Taking your enemies from behind helps you get a high number of kills, which unlocks perks and killstreaks. Learn how you can flank your enemies without drawing their attention.

Always look around and behind you for enemies trying to flank you too.

You can implement the jump shot or drop shot when flanking your enemies. They won’t be able to knock you out, even if they shoot at you.

Furthermore, you can flank enemies from tall structures and higher grounds. That, too, will make it easier to spot enemies’ positions in that area.


Always exercise patience and play tactically. Think quickly, never stop moving, and always be vigilant. More importantly, always pre-aim as you move, and never play alone!

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