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(Ebook Review) Free Download Basic IELTS Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing Modular (PDF + Audio) Complete Edition

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(Ebook Review) Free Download Basic IELTS Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing Modular (PDF + Audio) Complete Edition

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Here is a Review and free ebook in PDF format free download Basic IELTS Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing Modular (PDF + Audio). Which book should I buy if I’m just starting out with IELTS? The Basic For IELTS book series is a good option for you. Let’s look at what the book contains and why you should learn this book series to get started with machine learning right away! The best free download for beginners today is also known as IELTS for beginners. IELTS To absorb quickly, take it one step at a time.


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If you skip this book series, you will be sorry. It is an excellent IELTS English learning resource. Read the review carefully and select the appropriate book for you.

Basic for IELTS book information:

  • Book title: Basic IELTS – Basic for IELTS
  • Quantity: 4 books according to 4 skills
  • Version: Pdf + audio, download link for each book
  • Books for beginners according to each type of basic lesson

Main Content

  • Which Band is BASIC FOR IELTS for?
  • What is the Interesting Thing About Basic for IELTS Book?

Which band is BASIC FOR IELTS FOR?

Basic for IELTS is a set of four skills with lessons ranging from small to large that are simple to learn in the low band for beginners. Those of you who are unfamiliar with IELTS and its components should read this book to better understand the structure of the test and begin learning more easily. Because the book contains simple and basic knowledge, we believe you will easily catch up with the lesson and become more familiar with the exam. The book will help you get to band 4-5+ in the future.

What is the Interesting Thing About Basic for IELTS Book / ebook PDF?

Books based on 4 abilities give you your own source of learning, but what is impressive? Basic Listening for IELTS will assist you in performing the most fundamental skills;

Basic IELTS Listening (PDF & Audio)

Basic IELTS Listening : This is the most well-known book in the entire Basic for IELTS 4 book series. This book is mentioned in the majority of beginner and IELTS self-study guides. So, what are the interesting books that students choose when studying for the IELTS?

The following are the basic IELTS Listening book contents:

  • The introduction provides a brief overview of the Listening test and the types of frequently asked questions.
  • Give and guide simple tips on how to begin doing effective listening, how to make the most of your time doing Basic for IELTS.
  • Five large unit units focus on five simple IELTS topics: names and places, numbers, survival English, popular science, and academic English.
  • Each lesson includes 5-15 exercises that will help you practice listening directly. The listening lesson is simple for beginners, and the voice is appropriate and easy to listen to. Learning to listen becomes easier when lessons are organized by topic.
  • The book includes enough basic IELTS Listening audio and PDF files, as well as keys at the end, to help you check your answers.

Free Download Link basic IELTS Listening Audio (Google drive)

To extract ebook use this Password: 0313118899

In order to improve your listening skills, you must listen to it repeatedly. This book has a simple listening lesson, so if you listen to it once or twice, you will definitely understand a section.

Remember to note the vocabulary, record the mistakes that you encounter when doing the test to correct next time. Watch out for traps, confusing words or phrases to avoid making a mistake next time.

Basic For IELTS Speaking PDF Free Ebook

This is designed in the format of the Speaking test, with all three parts of the exam, lessons with tips, great questions, and exercises to help you prepare for your own Speaking test. What makes the book interesting? That is to say:

  • The Basic IELTS Speaking book is divided into five sections, beginning with an overview and ending with practice.
  • Lessons are broken down into smaller pieces in each section for easy learning. Each section you learn serves as your personal guide to improving your public speaking skills. The lesson system progresses from introduction to lesson, sharing test tips along the way. Then comes the topic, the main content of the question, and the sample post that goes with it. Finally, there is a separate Basic IELTS Speaking question for you to answer.
  • The application exercises section assists you in learning new vocabulary as well as developing your own vocabulary and grammar.
  • The answer to the practice exercise can be found at the end of the book Basic IELTS Speaking PDF file.
  • Because the samples are all in band 8.9, you have an excellent reference.

Free Download Link basic IELTS Listening and Speaking book ebook PDF (Google drive)

Password: 0313118899

To begin learning to speak well, read the material and listen to the sample, then parody and learn the correct pronunciation for the reader. Then record it to see if you pronounced it correctly.

Furthermore, you can speak according to your own ideas; do not abuse memorizing the sample lesson because it will be mechanical, and you will be unable to improvise when taking the exam.

Basic IELTS Reading [PDF & Audio]

The IELTS Reading section will provide you with a basic introduction to the test as well as practice exercises to help you prepare for the Reading section. The tips in the Basic IELTS Reading book are straightforward and easy to implement.

Particular content Basic IELTS Reading and Writing Download the following Basic IELTS Reading pdf:

  • The basic IELTS Reading book is divided into three sections: introduction, reading practice, and answer keys.
  • The introduction provides an overview of Reading, the different types of questions in this section, their characteristics, and tips on how to answer each question type correctly and quickly.
  • 13 lessons in the Basic IELTS Reading Practice section. Create a lesson that includes a variety of reading activities. Going from short to long, filling out forms to selecting the correct answer allows you to gradually familiarize yourself with the format and practice taking the test according to each type of reading. The vocabulary system and accompanying sentence structure make it easier to improve your vocabulary by topic.
  • The solution key The Basic IELTS Reading section provides answers and vocabulary for students to add a rich source of words and to easily check answers.

Download free ebook Basic IELTS Reading [PDF & Audio]

Password: 0313118899

The reading book is simple to learn because the lesson design is not complicated. The tips are provided to make it easier for you to begin practicing your Reading skills. As a result, learn each lesson in the correct order.

Basic IELTS Writing PDF Free Download

The basic book IELTS Writing PDF is intended to help you answer the Writing tasks by providing you with good structures and vocabulary to use in your writing. Don’t be afraid to check it out because it’s beautifully illustrated and simple to learn.

The following are the contents of the basic ielts writing book [PDF]:

  • Clearly divided into General and Academic forms so that you can study according to the form of the exam you choose. Each test format has different requirements, which are broken down into specific lessons to help students become acquainted with and experience.
  • The Task 2 Basic IELTS Writing section of two similar test formats should be combined, with the format explained in relation to common topics. Exercises are included in each section.
  • The Practice section explains more about grammar and sentence grading elements, coherence in writing and how to outline, as well as how to follow the direction to make writing easier. Many grammar and sentence writing exercises are included in the book Basic IELTS Writing, so you will be trained to write simple sentences first, then move on to longer articles. This is the order in which you should practice writing.
  • The keys answers below can help you check your answers to the grammar sections and exercises in the Basic IELTS Writing book.

Free download Basic IELTS Writing PDF ebook

This book can be used for both the Academic and General Training sections of the IELTS exam. Simple writing tips on simple topics will undoubtedly assist you in starting your writing journey.

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