(Ebook Review) Download free FULL SET OF IELTS LISTENING 7.0 Audio+ Practice book PDF format

by kolade ktwo

Here is a Review and free ebook in PDF format download FULL SET OF IELTS LISTENING 7.0+ practice book. Selection of study materials is extremely important in the process of self-studying IELTS Listening. But, among the countless books available on the Internet, which are the good and appropriate books? In today’s article, I’ll introduce you to the very best books for Listening 7.0+ goals. Follow the free download link below to get the FULL SET OF IELTS LISTENING 7.0+ practice book.



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Main Content

  • Cambridge IELTS Kit
  • IELTS Listening actual test
  • Barron’s IELTS Exam
  • A Book for IELTS
  • Download Basic IELTS Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing Modular (PDF + Audio)

Cambridge IELTS Kit Ebook Collections

This set of questions has become legendary, and most IELTS “warriors” have it on their bookshelf. However, many experienced people advise that you should primarily use Cam 6 and later. I recommend that you download the ebook and then print it; there is no need to buy the book because most IELTS books available outside of stores are pirated, and pencil-marking and then erasing them is impossible.
Now you can watch and listen to Cambridge IELTS Full from 1-15: Download the latest Cambridge IELTS 1-15 Full Version. (1 – 16 link)

IELTS Listening actual test

The book series contains a collection of real exam questions from 2008 to 2013, the ebook is only available until 2013, and you can go to the bookstore to purchase the most recent updates.

Who should read this book?

This is a collection of exam practice questions covering all subjects. ITN, on the other hand, encourages you to band 5.0 and above, indicating that you have certain listening skills. If you have not yet reached this level, you should begin practicing Listening before taking the test.

How can you get the most out of the book series?

If you have the time, go through the series at least twice. Don’t just examine the key. Pay attention to the transcript to see why you’re wrong, to learn more vocab, and even to see how native speakers express themselves.

Free Download Link IELTS LISTENING ACTUAL TEST Audio + Ebook in PDF format

To extract this PDF zip file use this Password: 0313118899

Barron’s IELTS Exam Book (Complete PDF eBook Version)

This book is rated very closely to the actual exam. The book’s content is written at an advanced level:

  • Part 1 — Academic Module: The book provides 6 complete tests with answers and easy-to-understand explanations in this section, making it easy to absorb knowledge even when studying at home.
  • Part 2 — General Training: You will continue to advance your level through 6 tests in the form of the General Training Module, with answers and explanations for each specific answer!
  • Part 3: This is the Audio Scripts section for the listening part, which anyone preparing for IELTS and particularly interested in any listening part will be expecting.
  • Part 4: How to Use Audio CDs, the author must be concerned about the difficulties that students frequently encounter when using CDs, because he has designed an entire section of instructions for you to use!

Free Download Link IELTS EXAM BOOK OF BARRON Complete Ebook in PDF format

To extract this PDF zip file use this Password: 0313118899

An IELTS Study Guide Ebook PDF

This book series is challenging for you at level 6.5+. The book specifically provides:

  • Introduce each section of the test in detail, taking careful notes such as the time to complete the test for each section. These will be useful hints and notes to help you complete the test as instructed by the examiner.
  • Each section of the IELTS test has lessons divided into each type of test.
  • Following the lessons and exercises comes the IELTS Practice Test, which includes real exam questions for comparison and provides an overview of your knowledge and IELTS test experience.
  • Each exercise includes a number of test tips and test practice to help you apply the test more effectively.

Free Download Link IELTS Study Guide Complete Ebook in PDF format

To extract this PDF zip file use this Password: 0313118899

Download Basic IELTS Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing Modular (PDF + Audio)

Which book should I buy if I’m just starting out with IELTS? The Basic For IELTS book series is a good option for you. Let’s look at what the book contains and why you should learn this book series to get started with machine learning right away! IELTS for Beginners is the best free pdf download for beginners today for step-by-step instructions for fast absorption.


If you skip this book, you will be sorry. It is an excellent IELTS English learning resource [Basic English conversation pdf free download]. Read the review carefully and select the appropriate book for you.

Basic for ielts book information:

  • Basic IELTS – Basic for IELTS Ebook
  • Quantity: 4 books according to 4 skills
  • Version: Pdf + audio, download link for each book
  • Books for beginners according to each type of basic lesson

Free Download Link Basic IELTS Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing Modular (PDF + Audio) Ebook in PDF format

To extract this PDF zip file use this Password: 0313118899

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