(Ebook Review) Download the full set of Hackers IELTS basic Free PDF Listening + Reading

by kolade ktwo

Here is a Review and free ebook PDF the full set of Hackers IELTS basics Listening and Reading. There are many books available on the market to help you prepare for the IELTS exam, so how do you know which one to buy? Recognizing your difficulties, IELTS Self-study will introduce you to the full article today.



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Review Hackers IELTS basics Listening + Reading to help you make the best decision.

Main Content

  • What makes this book series so appealing?
  • What level is the book suitable for?

What makes the Hackers IELTS basics book series so appealing? (Best Features)

  • Provide a personal capacity assessment table to assist you in selecting the best study plan for you.
  • The learning path will be optimally built in four weeks based on a meticulous analysis of the most recent IELTS test trends and a survey of the difficulties that students frequently face.
  • Practice knowledge from the most basic steps. Supplement English knowledge with useful study tools to comprehensively improve all four skills.
  • Learn how the actual test works in the Actual Test section, which includes some test-taking strategies and tips for answering test questions.

What grade level is the Hackers IELTS basics ebook appropriate for?

  • Students with a target band of 4.5 to 5.5, this is an excellent exam preparation book for you.
  • Those of you who have a low level of English, or are unsure where to begin studying IELTS, and lack a suitable learning method must create a detailed roadmap to follow.
  • Those of you who already have a solid foundation of knowledge (5.5 IELTS or higher) but want a set of documents that synthesize knowledge, making it easier to look up and review when necessary.


This book will provide learners with fundamental reading comprehension skills, allowing them to achieve the desired target score by employing scientific reading methods and demonstrating how to improve their reading skills. A general overview and strategies for answering questions easily and quickly in IELTS Reading can be applied to all question types.

Hackers IELTS basics Book Highlights

  • Each lesson’s vocabulary section assists students in expanding their vocabulary.
  • Discover more novel expressions expressed in other words or phrases.
  • The detailed analysis of each error helps readers understand why they chose that answer.

In 4 weeks, optimize the learning curve:

Consolidate your basic reading skills.

Week 1: Strategy Review — this is a very basic extremely important step. Learners will discover how to approach various types of lessons in order to develop a solid knowledge base for reading comprehension skills. Furthermore, detailed practice exercises for each skill assist students in effectively applying those skills in the actual IELTS Reading test.

Solve each problem

Weeks 2-3: Students will study all ten types of questions in the IELTS Reading test during this time. This book will provide effective test strategies for each type of test, as well as case examples. Furthermore, learners can use the theoretical synthesis knowledge to solve the applied questions in the book on a daily basis.

Prepare for the real test

Week 4 The IELTS Reading questions will be synthesized based on the real test structures used in the Progressive Test in Week 4. Learners can go over everything they learned in Week 1-3 again, which allows you to get used to the feeling of taking the actual test.


This is a useful tool for students to quickly approach the structure of the IELTS Listening exam in an incredibly simple way; the book is divided into four weeks with the author’s goal of providing guidance and information. The lessons that assist learners in practicing week after week are very clear.

Book Highlights

  • Provide practice files in the form of QR codes for listening to standard English accents from many countries around the world.
  • More new word lists with English-English and British-American transliteration are needed.
  • There are scripts, translations, and detailed answer explanations at the end of the book to help you memorize.

In 4 weeks, optimize the learning curve:

Improve your basic listening skills.

Week 1: Learn all of the fundamentals you’ll need to know for the Listening test: Distinguishing between vowel and consonant pronunciation, practicing listening to consonant words, the difference between English according to British-English or American-English

Solve each problem

Weeks 2-3: Become acquainted with the test types that frequently appear in the four sections of the IELTS Listening test. The book will go into detail about how to present different types of problems, effective problem solving methods, and tips to remember so that you can get the highest possible score on the test.

Prepare for the real test

Week 4: To help learners gradually become familiar with the exam questions review sample tests that are referenced from real exam questions are provided. The more these topics are practiced, the more confident students will be when they enter the exam room.


This is an excellent self-study writing resource for those who need to improve their writing skills in order to prepare for the IELTS exam. The book’s content is intended to help students practice scientific and logical writing, as well as accurately express sentences and phrases, allowing them to improve their writing skills and achieve high grades. desired quantity.

Book Highlights

Improve your writing and writing skills by using error diagnostics and a framework to test yourself.
In the writing test, it provides a list of new words in the form of common phrases.
Actual Test with difficulty levels comparable to the real thing.

In 4 weeks, optimize the learning curve:

Improve your basic writing skills.

Week 1: Review all of the grammar required to write English, laying a solid foundation for writing skills. Then, using this knowledge, students will be able to rewrite basic sentences that can be used in the IELTS Writing test.

Solve each problem

Weeks 2-3: You will learn how to express sentences in situations that are appropriate for each type of request. You will then practice writing on common topics found in the IELTS Writing test in order to improve your writing skills.

Prepare for the real test

Week 4 The book will cover all of the necessary steps for writing a good report or essay, as well as notes on common writing errors. Learn how to complete an effective IELTS Writing test, practice all of the effective writing methods for analysis, summarize the data from Task 1 and the essay from Task 2.



This book will make it incredibly easy for students to prepare for SPEAKING IELTS. The book’s content is divided into four weeks of study, with each week providing detailed instruction and practice.

Book Highlights:

  • Access to the structure of the Speaking test’s content by section and topic
  • Provide listening practice files so that students can easily compare their pronunciation to standard pronunciation.
  • Topic expressions, answer development ideas, and sample answers are all provided.

In 4 weeks, optimize the learning curve:

Improve your Speaking Skills

You will be familiar with the most basic aspects of the Speaking test, such as some easily mispronounced sounds, how to properly pause, expressions, and how to press the right stress in the right places.

Solve each problem

Provide the most important grammar points for you to express yourself accurately and richly, as well as how to develop the most fluid speech ideas.

Prepare for the real test

Quick, usable strategies, response strategies, and expressions are provided. The author carefully selected frequently asked exam questions by topic, keeping up with the latest exam trends. Ideas, speaking structures, and sample answers for each type of question assist you in better preparing for the actual test.

Download Hackers IELTS basics FULL PDF Ebook for Free download:

To extract this PDF zip file use this Password: 0313118899

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