(Ebook Review) Download Cambridge IELTS Intensive Training Writing PDF for free

by kolade ktwo

Here is a Review and free ebook PDF download link for Cambridge IELTS Intensive Training Writing teaches you how to master Writing skills step by step. WAPZOLA will accompany you to analyze the book’s content, guide you on how to study effectively, and review some of the reviews of previous classmates in the article below. Let’s get this party started!



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Main Content

  • An overview of the Cambridge IELTS Intensive Training Writing ebook
  • Contents of the Cambridge IELTS Intensive Training Writing Book
  • Some feedback from readers
  • Download Cambridge IELTS Intensive Training Writing PDF for free

An overview and Review of the Cambridge IELTS Intensive Training Writing ebook

  • Book Title: Cambridge IELTS Intensive Training Writing
  • Book series/How many parts: 6 chapters
  • Publisher: City General Publishing House. Ho Chi Minh City
  • File type: PDF
  • English language
  • Learner level: 4.0 and above
  • Practice skills: Writing

Cambridge IELTS Intensive Training Writing free ebook is part of a series of four Cambridge IELTS Intensive Training books. This is a classic book series, receiving many positive comments from readers.

The book’s greatest attribute is that it includes detailed step-by-step instructions as well as a structural analysis of a sample essay. Learners can easily imagine what criteria a high-scoring IELTS article must meet from there.

Those with basic vocabulary and grammar knowledge (4.0 and above) should select this book for review. Find other reference books to supplement your knowledge if you have not reached the level above!!

Contents of the Cambridge IELTS Intensive Training Writing Book

The book’s main content is divided into six major chapters, which are as follows:

  • Chapter 1: Describes the structure of the IELTS Writing test, as well as the scoring criteria for a written test.
  • Chapter 2: Describes the detailed steps for both tasks 1 and 2;
  • Chapter 3: Introduces writing styles for Tasks 1 and 2, as well as common errors that candidates make.
  • Chapter 4: When taking the Writing test, synthesize the necessary linking words. You can use the vocabulary in this section to make your work more systematic, logical, coherent, and coherent.
  • Chapter 5: Offers advice and detailed instructions on how to deal with various types of writing.
  • Chapter 6: Excellent, highly rated IELTS writing samples are included. This section can be used to cite your work.

Some feedback and Review from readers

Reader 1

Thorough preparation is essential before taking an exam, especially for international certification exams like IELTS. This book is finally finished. You will feel a lot less exam pressure if you have a practical and useful set of materials on hand. And Cambridge IELTS Intensive Training Writing is specifically designed for this purpose. The book is fascinating!

Readers 2

The book’s final chapter includes a brief introduction to the test structure as well as sample answers to all of the common question types, which will be extremely useful to those taking the General Training test. This life is very simple, but we keep complicating it. Last but not least, you will discover a plethora of sentence patterns that will be extremely useful for your Writing test.

Reader 3

I purchased the book in order to prepare for the IELTS exam. My writing skills were previously quite poor. I understood the steps to take the test as well as the structure of the writing exam thanks to the detailed step-by-step instruction book. The book contains a large number of samples and topics. I see there is a complete set, but I purchased this book first. The books that follow are also quite good. But this is my favorite book. Maybe it’s because I’m terrible at writing, so it comes in handy.

Reader 4

The book is detailed and simple to read. There are also sample articles to help students refer to good ideas, build essays, and apply them to their own work.

Self-study writing at home requires a guide who points out errors, comments on your work, and suggests ideas to improve your writing. This book, on the other hand, completely filled the role of a guide for me. I have not attempted to purchase the remaining skill books, but I will think about reading and listening.

Reader 5

There are many IELTS preparation books on the market today, but not all of them are good, so be cautious when purchasing to avoid wasting money and time. I believe I should purchase books from reputable publishers such as Collins, Cambridge, and others.


I highly recommend the Cambridge IELTS Intensive Training book series. The materials are clear, simple to understand, and correspond to the actual exam questions. This writing book, in particular, is divided into 6 chapters, focusing on two types of writing for both Academic and General Training, assisting readers in learning a lot of academic vocabulary and good expressions. There are many highly rated sample articles in the book that you can use as a source of ideas.

Download Cambridge IELTS Intensive Training Writing PDF Ebook for free:

To extract this PDF zip file use this Password: 0313118899

Cambridge IELTS Intensive Training Writing is a prestigious set of IELTS Writing skills training materials with high reference value. Self-study IELTS hopes that after reading this article, you will find yourself a suitable resource for exam preparation. Wish you all good study!

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