SpotInvest Review – A World of Social Trading

by Abbey banji

SpotInvest is an excellent platform providing investors with compelling opportunities for social trading. Here is an extensive review of the platform.

Who is SpotInvest?

SpotInvest is not new in the world of social trading. It is a social trading platform providing investors and traders with a wide range of trading instruments. The platform focuses explicitly on social trading, which somehow separates it from other platforms with broader perspectives or focuses on other specific areas.

With SpotInvest, you get access to numerous trading instruments tailored to your needs. The platform employs an extensive analytical system to determine what every trader wants and then helps them find it. And this eliminates the tedious work of chasing a wild goose when traders spend hours on a platform looking for what they want.




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SpotInvest Products and Markets

SpotInvest is a multi-product platform. And this means you will find a lot of trading assets and instruments on the platform, which is good in ensuring that you can easily find what you want. It is always an unpleasant experience when you do not find what you want on a trading platform after you have already gone through the process of signing up and even deposited some funds. The platform provides the following products;

  • Crypto – you will find a wide variety of crypto trades on the platform. The platform already has some pre-designed crypto trades you can pick if that is what you want. However, you are also free to select what cryptocurrencies you wish to trade. Some of the cryptocurrencies you will find on the platform include Bitcoin, USD Coin, Ethereum, Binance, and Tether.
  • Forex – the platform allows forex trading in various foreign currencies. You can trade in major currencies like EUR, CAD, USD, GBP, JPY, and CYN, among others. Again, you can pick up the forex trades on the platform or select yours.
  • Commodities – if you prefer trading commodities, the platform allows you to trade in various items, including silver, gold, and oil—no restrictions on what type of commodity you can purchase and sell.
  • Stocks – this platform links to the most prominent stock exchanges in the world, where you can trade in various company stocks. Some of the stock markets you can access through the platform are NASDAQ, NYSE, and LSE.
  • ETFs – the platform also offers ETF trading, and you will have access to significant trading opportunities here.

SpotInvest Pros and Cons


  • Simple social trading platform
  • Access to global markets
  • Access to multiple products
  • User friendly
  • No withdrawal fees


  • There is no mobile platform

What is it like to trade on SpotInvest?

We tried trading on SpotInvest, which was a fantastic experience. The platform didn’t let us down since trading was easy and fast. You can easily trade in whatever asset category you like, and the process is simple. While you can trade once simultaneously, the platform allows you to purchase or sell multiple times. We bought and sold three products simultaneously, and it worked perfectly.

The platform allows you to see real-time updates on different trade items, and this proved very useful. For example, you may be trading crypto when an update showing you a company’s stock that is likely to do well pops up. You also get to use the various tools on the platform, including the calculator and the currency converter. So, you don’t have to have a separate calculator or go to the internet to check currency exchange rates.

How is SpotInvest Trading Platform?

SpotInvesthas only a web-based trading platform. And this probably explains why the broker has invested so much into it. It is a great trading platform with a fantastic user interface and content. The platform is all that you would want in a social trading platform.

The web-based platform does not lag and has some pretty helpful features. One of these is the search function. While you can easily navigate the website to find whatever you want, the search function makes it much easier and faster to find. Another fantastic feature was the live link that connects you to customer support. We tried this link, and it worked great. The response was immediate and provided relevant answers. Finally, the FAQs section includes essential information to help you understand the platform and how to use it.

SpotInvest Conclusion

And this is an excellent platform for social trading. Perhaps, you should try it. But before that, contact this broker for ideas on ways to boost your profits. Also, contact this broker if you have questions about their services. Their customer support team will assist you.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored marketing content.


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