To Comprehend the Bitcoin Ark, You Should First Comprehend the Fiat Flood

by Abbey banji

Bitcoin is a lifeboat for those who want to get away from a broken system, but one must first comprehend the broken system to recognize that. Man had gone far from God’s instructions, and destruction was the only option available to correct our errant species’ course of action. Because Noah is a moral and upright man, God selected him and his family to sustain a Population in the days after the Great Flood.

During the deluge, God told Noah of his plans and gave him the task of constructing an ark to hold himself and his family, as well as at least two of each kind of animal (one male and one female, as well as seven pairs of all “clean” animals and birds). It had been 40 days and 40 nights of rain, and there had been many days of floods when God sent a breeze across the Earth, and the waters retreated, making it possible to repopulate the planet. Before we start this article, please register yourself on the, and check the benefit it offers to you when it comes to trading.



Flooding In the Modern Era

As defined by, “a arbitrary edict or pronouncement, particularly by a person or group of people who have total power to execute it.” When I was younger, the concept of money creation didn’t make any sense to me. The notion that you could snap your fingers and generate a large sum of money didn’t appear to make any sense. My understanding of the following sequence of effects is keener now than when I was a kid, but it still doesn’t make much sense today.

The majority of people are unaware of the reasons why Bitcoiners have such strong feelings towards fiat currency. It is because the majority of people are unaware of the freedom-inhibiting consequences of these government notes. These may include, but are not limited to, the following:

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The Cantillon Effect Is a Statistical Phenomenon

The Cantillon Effect is a phenomenon in which people closest to the money printer (politicians, banks, and large businesses) gain substantially from a rise in the money supply, while those who are furthest away suffer significantly. Corruption and greed flourish as a result of such an impact. In addition, it increases the concentration of wealth in the hands of political and financial elites, putting them at the cost of the poor and middle class.


Remember that every time the Federal Reserve issues another trillion dollars, your buying power falls in proportion. Even if the Federal Reserve can sustain its 2 percent annual inflation goal for the next 20 years (which many of us strongly doubt), this will result in a loss in your buying power of more than 40 percent over that period. Your hard work, your time, and your freedom are all disrespected by monetary policy that is careless.


Money held by the government would inevitably be restricted and confiscated by unscrupulous officials. Even though censorship is more prevalent in authoritarian regimes, it is not unusual for democracies to engage in comparable practices against their people. A more recent example would be a proposal by the Biden administration to require banks to disclose to the Internal Revenue Service every year the inflows and outflows of all bank accounts with a balance of $600 or more. Just another step in the path of a surveillance state that is too powerful and ripe for financial suppression.

The Risk from A Third Party

Counterparty risk is a significant source of worry regarding fiat currencies, affecting both governments and people: Governments incur a considerable degree of counterparty risk due to increasing their deficits. Constant borrowing necessitates a dependence on other countries and local and international organizations to meet their financial obligations. Some economists have expressed worry about China’s large amount of foreign debt in the United States – more than $1 trillion, or more than 15 percent of total foreign debt and 5 percent of overall debt.

Bottom Line

Bitcoin is the world’s first digital currency to be created by a human being. With bitcoin, we have the chance to solve some of the issues that have plagued earlier forms of money-making the decision to participate in an open monetary network rather than a closed one. A decision to participate in a currency that has no geographical boundaries. An option to participate in money that does not need permission from rulers to be used.

For people who do not yet believe in bitcoin, I have found that concentrating on the anti-fiat perspective is the most effective way to persuade them before even going into bitcoin itself. Because it’s far simpler to look back at the inevitable than it is to look forward to it, and how many people disagree with the inevitability of the collapse of the fiat government?


Accordingly, the pro-bitcoin argument has virtually little to do with comprehending bitcoin in its current form (at least initially). The same way Noah would not have required the Ark if it hadn’t rained, we would not need bitcoin if our monetary policy had not been so myopic, our politicians had not been so lacking of virtue, and our spending had not been so impulsive.

Once you clearly understand Bitcoin, it no longer seems to be a haphazard and ill-conceived reaction to monetary wrongdoing but rather a systematic and well-planned solution to financial misconduct. Once you grasp that money is the flood, you will see much more clearly that bitcoin is the Ark, much more readily.

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