Which Video Games are the Most Realistic?

by Abbey banji

Everyone has different taste when it comes to playing video games and that’s why so many varying genres exist. There are classic arcade titles, MOBA, and other eSports options plus a host of other themes to cater to every possible preference.

Gamers have different interests but one thing that we all demand is realism. If the game isn’t as true to life as the developers can make it, chances are we will simply move on to something else.


Soccer games have come a long way since the very basic releases that were available in the 1980s and 1990s. Today, the developers want you to watch a game in action and to be unsure if this is a simulation or real life, this would be the case for the Real-Football mod.

However, FIFA Soccer is the best of them all and the producers state that their 2022 release is set to be the most realistic yet. As with the more recent titles, the likenesses of all available players are remarkable but the latest edition takes gameplay a stage further.

The new release is set to emulate a player’s style to a greater degree. The dribbling skills of Brazilian international Neymar are used as an example while other nig names will emphasize the changes. Players could take advantage of the long-range shooting of Harry Kane or the heading ability of Virgil Van Dijk.

Realism has been part of this game’s appeal for many years but FIFA 2022 is set to take things to the next level.

A Seat at the Table

Which Video Games are the Most Realistic? 15

Casino games are enjoyed by players both as recreational titles and as a serious option for professionals. Of those games, poker is the most popular with many operators offering up a separate platform, away from the main casino.

The 888 Group is a good example of this with a dedicated poker site for customers. Realism is an important target for digital providers and the 888poker online site has taken great steps to achieve this.

As part of its operation, the platform offers live poker play which provides an experience as close to real-life gaming as it’s possible to get. For those that prefer to play with traditional software, the developers behind the games have made innovative developments that take play beyond the very basic designs that may be found elsewhere.

Grand Theft Auto

Which Video Games are the Most Realistic? 16

Gritty realism has helped the GTA series to sell millions of copies while attracting more than its fair share of media attention. The graphics are meant to have an impact and the geniuses at Intel Labs have harnessed artificial intelligence in order to make the game as true to life as possible.

The software essentially employs a ‘mod’ in order to bring in more realistic scenes from the outside world. The AI is trained with a neural network so that it can bring in images from Cityscape Datasets to the latest GTA titles.

It’s a highly technical process but gamers can clearly see the benefits as Grand Theft Auto has evolved. The early, cartoon-like imagery may have meant that initial productions weren’t taken too seriously. In the present day, techniques such as washed-out images are used to produce a grimness to make GTA more lifelike.

Detroit: Become Human

Released in 2018, this is one of the newest titles on the list and one that is less familiar than its counterparts. However, the theory behind Detroit: Becoming Human, demanded that the graphics were as realistic as possible and that’s something that the developers have nailed perfectly.

In this game, Androids become sentient beings as they look to perform human tasks. As part of those tasks, one of the robots – Connor – has to uncover those who have strayed from their programmed jobs.

Part of the plot, therefore, is to tell the androids from the humans and that’s why this title demanded so much realism within the graphics.

Detroit: Become Human is now the best-selling release from the Quantic Dream stable. Reviewers and some gamers feel that there is work to be done moving forward. Aspects of the plot have come under fire in places and that’s one for the developers to look at for future sequels.

One thing that all players appear to agree on is the fact that Detroit: Become Human is one of the most realistic releases of all time.


Microsoft Flight Simulator

Which Video Games are the Most Realistic? 17

It’s time to take to the skies in search of the world’s most realistic flight game. Naturally, opinion is divided on the subject but the Microsoft Flight Simulator is at the very top of many lists.

The key, as always, is in the graphics where stunning design of the airliners couples with realistic portrayals of airports and their surroundings. What’s remarkable about this title is the fact that the original release came out as long ago as 2006 and was already considered to be groundbreaking in terms of its realism.

Of course, there have been improvements in 15 years. City landscapes have altered and Microsoft has responded while also making better use of weather conditions within the simulation.

There will be occasions where games ask us to suspend belief: Those that fit in with a cartoon or a fantasy theme are, by definition, unlikely to be realistic.

With other titles, the need to replicate the real world is part of the mission. Realism helps to sell in certain categories and these five titles achieve that aim to the optimum degree.

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