Clash of Clans Ultimate War Guide 2021 to win Clan Wars

by Abbey banji

So you like to make Clan Wars on Clash of Clan, and you’ve no idea how to do that. Then don’t worry, we got you, read this informative article carefully.

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Clash of Clan War

A clan war is a competitive clan contest. The preparation or planning and battle day are two steps of a clan war. During the day of war 9, any participant will strike twice. The Clan, which gains extra stars at the end of the battle, wins the clan war. The Clan that earns a higher percentage of overall destruction gains will win the War if both groups earn the same stars. To win a clan war you must have anti 3 star clash of clans bases

Starting a War

Only clan co-leaders and leaders will launch Clan Wars. When such players (leaders and Co-leaders) press the searching button to start a clan war, the number of the participants in the Clan will appear, and the members in their Clan are picked. By default, all participants who opt-in to Clan Wars were included in-game. Players can adjust their preference for Clan Wars by visiting their profile page and clicking the “Clan Wars.” Gamers may change their preferences. Clan leaders can continue to add the members manually, even though they choose to, and vice versa.

  • To start a war, a clan should have at least 10 members.
  • The War cannot begin except with leaders and co-leaders.
  • The Automatically matchmaking function can easily find the best match.
  • When a match is found, the War begins.

Who can Participate in the War

  • Before the battle begins, you must be a clan member.
  • You will be an observer until the battle is over if you entered the Clan just after War is begun.
  • It doesn’t affect the current War to leave the Clan during a war. Your base is also going to be apart from the War

Basically, Clash of Clan has two phases in a Clan War:

1. Preparation Day

The clan co-leader or leader starts to find a competitor of the clan war. You and your Clan will have 23 hours to organize yourself for the task ahead once a competitor is located. You will make changes to the War Base configuration and contribute and ask for troops at this period.

The clan castle in your basement differs from that of the clan castle in your town and should be separately loaded with donated soldiers. The troops donated to a war base will be used to protect them from any war threats, so make damn sure that you ask troops that your template will fit well.

You can’t use soldiers allocated to your base; you demand them in a soldier’s training screen with your Clanmates.

Even during Clan War on your war base, any changes you make will not affect your village beyond the War. This also indicates that all troops allocated to your war base in your typical village are not usable and vice versa.

2. Battle Day

Battle Day automatically proceeds to 24-hours Preparation Day and enables every player twice to strike over the next 24-hour cycle. The players will have a prescribed goal once the Battle Day phase starts. The recommended goal is the opponent base which is in the Clan of the player.

An algorithm composed of buildings, stages, units, unit levels, heroes, and hero levels is likely to decide the character’s ranking. Trophies seem to have little relation to the Clan Wars ranking. The biggest factor between two players with the same rating is the base structure, allocated units, and the attack plan – how a strategy game can be. This approach is favorable.

Not all players will play vs. a player with the same ranking, but the nearest match – certain players will extend their challenge by choosing a higher-rated player than themselves.

Collecting the War Loot

A new approach to collect and store assets is launched by Clan Wars, “The War Loot.” War Loot is rewarded to a player win over an opponent’s base. After War, click the Clan Castle to pick up your War Loot!


They (Opponent) can rob any of your loot in War if you’re not collecting your War Loot and are threatened from the castle of your Clan.

If you do not need the assets, hold the assets in your Clan Castle: just 10 percent of your Clan Castle’s resources and 20 percent of your Storage can be plundered during an attack. In addition, your Clan Castle has more hit points, so you can find those tools with more difficultly.

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