(Full Guide) How To Register On Quidax In Nigeria On App And Website Updated For Year 2022

by Abbey banji

(Full Guide) How To Register On Quidax In Nigeria On App And Website Updated For Year 2022 13

Founded on July 17, 2017, Quidax is an exchange for digital assets. The Website enables users to quickly exchange cryptocurrencies using their native currencies. Additionally, the platform is accessible in over 15 nations worldwide as of 2021, including Nigeria. For Nigerians who have never traded cryptocurrencies before, Quidax is well renowned for offering a user-friendly exchange platform.

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Security Risks with Mobile and Desktop Bitcoin Wallets

Because there are so many fraudulent sites out there, investing in cryptocurrencies demands confidence. In essence, Quidax addresses this problem by providing a 100% safe environment for risk-free cryptocurrency trading.

The Nigerian branch of Quidax’s digital asset exchange was established in 2018. The virtual currency marketplace enables Nigerian users of bitcoin to buy and sell virtual currency with their local cash – the naira.

One of Quidax’s long-term objectives is to fuel the upcoming wave of remittance.

In terms of funding and Blockchain technology, the Quidax crew is a big supporter in using the web to render the globe unshakeable.

In addition to providing availability of coins on the “Binance Smart Chain (BSC)” and well-known cryptocurrencies, Quidax intends to be the abode of BEP20.

Aside from providing fast exchange options, Quidax also makes it possible for OTC transactions and provides fintech enterprises the resources they need to provide bitcoin solutions to their clients via a specialized API.

Since its public opening in 2018, Quidax has gained over 400,000 users across more than 70 nations.

In cases where Quidax believes, in its reasonable opinion, that you’ve violated the Terms or are doing so, Quidax reserves the unrestricted authority to bar you from visiting their site, without affecting any earned entitlements.

How do I register on Quidax in Nigeria on App and Website?

The methods of registering Quidax in Nigeria on the App and their website are the same.

You must submit true and complete details when registration if any section of the Site asks for it for you to access it. You are in charge of keeping Quidax up to date with any modifications to that details by updating your account registration as necessary.

(Full Guide) How To Register On Quidax In Nigeria On App And Website Updated For Year 2022 14

1. You must first register for a Quidax account. Installing the Quidax app will allow you to register for an account. . Download the app and provide the necessary information. Your entire name, email address, and a strong password are all part of this.

2. The second step is to transfer money by choosing your preferred deposit method.

After you have finished the following two phases, Quidax would allow you to begin exchanging in Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Gold, and Ripple.

In essence, adhere to these instructions to trade instantaneously on Quidax.

Quidax characteristics.

Check out the outstanding characteristics of Quidax.

  • Exceptional UI Order book
  • Good trade volume and liquidity
  • Trading charts for mobile
  • a quick deal
  • solid protection
  • API for Quidax: #DropYourQuidax (giveaway)

Quidax Services.

The services offered by Quidax cover the necessities for a cryptocurrency fanatic.

Here are the services provided:

  • Wallet with Instant Buy/Sell Order Book
  • Quidax API
  • P2P Quidax Vault for QDX tokens

(Full Guide) How To Register On Quidax In Nigeria On App And Website Updated For Year 2022 15

Quidax registration rules.

  • Make sure you are at least 18 years old and have the legal authority to agree to the Terms and engage in any exchange made possible by the site.
  • If you want to create and utilize a Quidax Account for a non-individual legal entity, you will adhere to the Quidax business account application procedure.
  • There won’t be more than 1 Quidax Account for you.
  • You won’t use or visit any Quidax accounts besides your own, and you won’t help anyone else get illegal entry to any Quidax Accounts.
  • Your email address and login are private pieces of information about you. This ought to be only used by you.
  • You should not help someone who is not a registered user obtain unauthorized login to any section of the Site or even access your account to make purchases in someone else’s stead.
  • Following current regulations, Quidax may verify all KYC paperwork with your permission, particularly, but not restricted to BVN verification and anti-money laundering investigations.
  • You won’t engage in any unlawful or forbidden conduct through your Quidax Account or in any way that would be against the rules, legislation, code, or policy.
  • You should not intentionally register accounts to misuse the Site’s features or those of other users, nor should you attempt to impersonate any user.
  • Unless they have violated these Terms, you, as a user, are accountable for every operation that takes place within your account, regardless of if they are carried out by you, your workers, or a third party, such as your partner, kids, or other family members.
  • You will agree to notify Quidax and their associates right away if you become aware that a third party is accessing your account without your permission, as well as if your account details are misplaced. Quidax and their associates would not be held liable for any illegal entry to your account.
  • By making sure there is enough local cash or virtual currency (as applicable) in your Quidax Account before each transaction, you would ensure safety for trades conducted using your Quidax Account.
  • You won’t enable or assist in the transfer of domestic cash into your Quidax Account except if the transfer complies with the payment rules as updated periodically on the platform.
  • You won’t consent to or assist in the transfer of domestic coins between your Quidax Wallet into a bank account that is owned by another person.

To use the rapid purchase and sell feature on Quidax in Nigeria, just complete these easy steps:

1. Log in to your Quidax account or register for one if you don’t already have one.

2. Deposit to your domestic currency account (Naira).

3. Click the Instant Buy/Sell button at the top of the site or on the hamburger-shaped icon to the side on smartphones.

4. Select either buy or sell depending on the task you want to perform on the Buy/Sell screen.

Selling on Quidax in Nigeria.

1. Choose the currency you want to sell and the price you want to receive.


2. Specify the quantity you want to sell after that. You could then select “Amount to Sell” or “Amount to Receive.”

3. then select Sell.

Buying/purchasing on Quidax as a Nigerian.

1. Choose the currencies you intend to buy with and the currencies you desire to use.

2. Next, specify the quantity you wish to purchase. You can choose between “Amount to Spend” and “Amount to Buy.”

3. Next, select “Buy.” The value of the currency you chose will be immediately reflected in your wallet.

(Full Guide) How To Register On Quidax In Nigeria On App And Website Updated For Year 2022 16

The Quidax Wallet( Supported Digital Currencies and Local Currency in your Quidax Wallet).

You can transfer, collect, and save virtual currency with the Quidax Wallet.

Supported Digital Currencies.

Only the virtual coins that Quidax, in its reasonable opinion, chooses to support (“Supported Digital Currency” or “Supported Digital Currencies”) are compatible with the Quidax Wallet.

The list of supported digital currencies can occasionally vary.

You must never try to complete a Quidax Wallet Transaction involving a supported digital currency or any other type of virtual currency.

Local Currency in your Quidax Wallet.

The Local Currency you transfer into your Quidax Wallet can only be used for:

1. Purchasing Supported Digital Currencies; or

2. Withdrawing to a bank account that has been accepted.

You might also be able to use your Local Currency account on Quidax to make some transactions of products and/or activities from chosen third parties in some nations. Airtime in South Africa, as an illustration. You acknowledge and understand that these Terms will apply to any future transaction.

As stated in Fees and on the Fees and Features section of the Quidax site, the cash flows of Supported Digital Currencies will be deducted from the amount deposited to your Local Currency Quidax Wallet.

Quidax and its interest rates.

Crypto interest rates are not available on Quidax. On their site, users can swap approved digital currencies, nevertheless.

As a result, the interest rate is typically influenced by fluctuations in the value of the particular cryptocurrency.

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