(Full Guide) How to register on Luno in Nigeria on App and Website Updated for year 2022

by Abbey banji

One of the first Bitcoin exchanges to launch in the cryptocurrency market was Luno, which was founded at the beginning of 2013. Before changing its name to Luno at the beginning of 2017, the exchange was known as BitX. The exchange’s corporate base is at 1 Fore Street in London, although it also maintains outposts in Cape Town, South Africa, and Singapore. Even though Luno is only one of several cryptocurrency exchanges available online, it does provide certain unique characteristics that we haven’t yet seen on other exchanges.



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First off, Luno accepts lesser popular fiat currencies like the Nigerian Naira, the Malaysian ringgit, and the Indonesian rupiah. It should come as no surprise that this has rendered Luno particularly well-liked in nations like Indonesia, Malaysia, and Nigeria.

Luno has established a solid brand image in the market in the brief duration it has remained in existence. According to data from CoinMarketCap, nevertheless, Luno’s market value is still viewed as being little when linked to other major cryptocurrency exchanges worldwide. However, this is primarily because Luno predominantly trades in Bitcoin and, more lately, Ethereum.

How do I register on Luno in Nigeria on App?

Luno provides a full range of financial solutions for Bitcoin and Ethereum to its clients as a cryptocurrency exchange. Its internet marketplace is used for exchanging these two cryptocurrencies. The app doesn’t need to be downloaded or installed because it is web-based.

  1. It is possible to utilize a Mac or a Windows-based system with the Luno app because it is cross-platform. In comparison, the service offered by Luno is among the most sophisticated ones we can discover in the sector.
  2. Go to the or and download the Luno app.
  3.  Complete the instructions to register after choosing Profile in the menu.
  4. You’ll receive an email containing a link to click after registering with Luno. This is to ensure that you can view the email account you registered with.
  5. With Luno, you may access sophisticated charting, proper marketplace inputs, past transactions, CSV output and analysis, and depth volatility indicators. Autonomous transactions are supported.

Please double-check the accuracy of your name and identification. Working to ensure that your name and email address are correct is the primary step you ought to do when creating a Luno account. Over time, this would render things a lot simpler.

You will need to present identification documentation if you ever need to withdraw funds from your Luno account. Using your real identity will make the procedure a lot simpler. Following your registration, Luno could ask you to prove your identification. Using a false identity or an email address that isn’t connected to a genuine person frequently results in this. Give your actual name and an associated email address to your identification if you don’t want to have to prove your identity.

How do I register on Luno in Nigeria on the Luno website?

  1. Click the Sign-Up icon on the webpage or visit https://www.luno.com/signup
  2. You can either provide your email address or choose to sign up using Facebook or Google.
  3. Make your password unique and safe. You should pick a password that combines letters, numbers, and special symbols.
  4. Choose Sign up.

Visit the official Luno website to register for the exchange. When you arrive, you should choose the “Sign Up” tab, which is typically prominently displayed at the head of the website. Your identity, email address, and nationality of citizenship can all be entered on the page that will be brought up for you. It’s crucial to remember that you should choose a name and email address that are connected to your real name. Prior to allowing you to place a transaction on their exchange, Luno typically requests identification documentation.

This is to prevent sign-ups from occurring using fictitious identities and email addresses. Ensure you input the right details if you intend to make the best use of Luno.

The 2 types of Luno wallets and how to create them.

Establishing a Luno wallet is the first step in order to register with Luno. There are two types of Luno wallets: a mobile wallet and a web wallet. They have various important distinctions, so you ought to choose the one that is best for you.

1. The Mobile Wallet.

The mobile wallet is accessible on both iOS and Android devices, but it’s not designed to hold a lot of cash. It functions rather like a virtual wallet for carrying cash and cryptocurrencies with you.

To make it simple and quick to transfer cash from your account, you can attach a bank account or debit card to the mobile wallet.

2. The Web Wallet.

You may access the web wallet from any device, making it similar to a savings bank account. You can hold a great deal of money in an online wallet compared to a mobile wallet, similar to a real bank account.


Luno Fees and Commission Charges in Nigeria.

The costs that Luno charges are among the most affordable in the bitcoin exchange sector. There are no fees associated with receiving or sending bitcoins using email addresses or contact information. The cost for payments made using your Bitcoin wallet is 0.0002 BTC.

The commission fee is determined by the network activity as well as the fiat currency that was used to buy the bitcoins.

(Full Guide) How to register on Luno in Nigeria on App and Website Updated for year 2022 4

You don’t have to pay anything to open an account with Luno, but you might be required to show identification. Both fiat money and cryptocurrency can be deposited for free to your Luno account. Additionally, Luno provides cost-free withdrawals for both fiat money and cryptocurrencies.

When you remove money from your account with Luno, fees are applied. For instance, there is a cost of 0.95% if you wish to withdraw British pounds from your wallet. There will also be a minor cost if you intend to trade one currency for another. Although the fees can fluctuate, they are often just under 1%.


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