Bitcoin lightning solutions by MicroStrategy

by Abbey banji

Bitcoin was introduced in the year 2009 when a programmer named Satoshi Nakamoto in his white papers launched the term cryptocurrency and decentralization. Within five years, bitcoin emerged to be the greatest and widest-used cryptocurrency and it has managed to keep the spot every year in a row since its inception. Due to the increase in popularity, many companies and organizations got associated with it, and as a result, the number of customers increased. Further, you can visit



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One such company that joined hands with bitcoin was none other than MicroStrategy and it managed to pour in bitcoin at some point in time and recently bought new holdings in bitcoin. Leading to this, many eyes were on the company to think about its next steps. One of the forthcoming events by MicroStrategy is the provision of lighting solutions. In this article, we will discuss these lightning solutions by MicroStrategy.

Lightning network solutions

These include Satoshi-powered types of incentives that can act effectively for marketing as well as other cybersecurity-related techniques. The chairman of MicroStategy namely Michael Saylor has already put forth the plans of the company to provide a bitcoin lightning network-powered type of solution in the year 2023. The release of this news was made on the Twitter platform whereon Saylor shared that the company is currently and constantly exploring new techniques to utilize the benefits of the Lightning network. He further added that the company is aiming towards the widest range of solutions for cyber-related aspects and many more.

Elaborating lightning network

A lightning network is a type of payment platform that finds its space in the layer 2 types. Being a payment protocol, it can vary apart from the main chain transactions thereby making payment by lowering the usual transaction fee involved. The chairman has said that the company is beefing up its infrastructure to finally built a lightning service platform and many more. The company is also aiming to spin off the infrastructure. For cybersecurity, Saylor has proposed that a concept named lightning wall will be brought forward. This wall will prevent bitcoin users from making payments on the platform from various cyber attacks happening over the platform. Saylor also explained that the lightning network can also be used to incentivize customers by rewarding them in Satoshies while they engage in the customer-building activities of the organization by posting reviews of positive nature and completing other surveys.

Providing a safe passage

In the explanation of Saylor, it was also put forth that those users who want to access some sensitive content websites will have to pay around 100,000 satoshis for getting a guaranteed safe passage for the user. He also stated the problems associated with credit cards are that they are declining payments or holding them in the queue for a long time. He also looks for someone who in the coming future will create a lightning version of the Netscape browser which will have the facility of a lightning-type wallet that can hold dollars and other currencies. He also predicts the future and reaches of this wallet to around 100 million people. Lightning network is said to be an internet of money and its progress can prove inspirational for some users. Keeping the plans clear, the chairman aims to put forth new techniques and strategies for the upcoming future.

In a recent development, the newest form of BTC address is introduced which has a more efficient capability as compared to traditional BTC by allowing a rapid transaction on the lightning network platform, and the process gets completed almost instantly in comparison to a 10-minute average for bitcoin transactions.

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