A guide on privacy coins for Cryptocurrency users

by Abbey banji

Privacy is crucial for cryptocurrency users. It helps to shield the transactions from corporations and agencies who are constantly monitoring.



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While cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin offer anonymity, they do record transactions in a permanent, public ledger. Third parties can track down users’ transaction history with a public ledger. As a result, crypto is different from the traditional financial system.

If you have never known or invested in privacy coins, you might consider doing so, especially for conducting transactions outside the traditional financial system. Such coins offer more anonymity with private ledgers and complex algorithms, transaction volumes, and wallet addresses.

Here is a privacy coins guide that tells you about its working mechanism, benefits, and features.

What are privacy coins?

These coins take anonymity to the next level by strengthening the wallets and making and locating wallet addresses and transaction volumes challenging.

Anonymity keeps the user’s identity a secret, regardless of the number of transactions done. Coins with untraceable features make tracking your transactions history using blockchain analysis difficult for agencies.

How do they protect the users’ identities?

These coins use various strategies and technological means to ensure anonymous transactions. Some of these are stealth addresses, CoinJoin, and zk-SNARKs. Here’s some information about each of them.

  • Stealth address – Every time you make a transaction, you receive a one-time address. Only the buyer and seller are aware of the payment’s location, history, volume, etc. Even though you provide a single address, the blockchain records all payments going to different addresses, making it impossible to connect them.
  • CoinJoin – It allows you to carry out Bitcoin transactions at different addresses, thus ensuring optimal financial privacy. Before making a transaction, the two parties should sign a smart contract. The smart contract (programs that run according to certain predetermined conditions) mixes the coins into a single transaction, making it challenging for third parties to identify every transaction made.
  • zk-SNARKs – Zcash crypto investors will be familiar with this procedure because it utilizes it a lot. It stands for Zero-Knowledge Succinct Non-Interactive Argument of Knowledge. It is a cryptographic tool that enables a transaction’s verification on the blockchain according to the rules set by a community of users. Users can verify information with another user without revealing any sensitive information.

Why should you invest in these coins?

The foremost advantage is privacy. Nobody, including the government, can track and monitor your transactions. With adequate security measures in place, it ensures the complete safety of your transactions.

Hackers and scammers have various advanced technologies at their disposal to attack cryptocurrencies. These coins have security features like stealth addresses that take security seriously by keeping the transaction history confidential.

Privacy coins aren’t easily traceable, and since users carry out most transactions on a private ledger, the chances of investing or using cryptocurrencies with complicated histories are pretty low.

Are they legal?


The legality depends on the country you live in. For example, the USA has neither approved nor banned them, keeping them in a grey area. However, Australia and South Korea have placed several restrictions on them.

What are some of the famous coins of this type?

Crypto coins famous for their anonymous transactions are Monero, Zcash, Dash, and Verge.

It would be best to make your decisions after reading this privacy coins guide. One of the main inspirations behind crypto was to provide individuals with complete control over their transactions, and that is what these currencies do so efficiently.

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