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This is a blog based on the collections of firmware, custom roms stock ROMs, recoveries and tech news, and around the web.The main reason why I created this blog is to make it easier for android phone users to find and download ROMs for their phones without the need to search around the internet, all ROM links are provided in one place making it easier to install and test them.

All download links, tech news, firmwares, recoveries and ROMs provided in this blog are always 99% accurate and verified by me. You don’t have to worry about installing the wrong ROMs for your phone.


What is custom Rom?

A custom ROM is a modified android Firmware which include a new version of the Android operating system that can be use to replace a stock  Android device operating system after instalation,it is normally stored in a special read-only memory on the phone.

What is stock Rom?

A stock Rom is the modified Os that came with your phone straight out the box. Many devices manufacturers like samsung, htc, lg e.t.c has a way of customizing their own Stock roms E.g Samsung Touchwiz amd Htc Sense

Why do I need a custom rom./ firmware on my phone?

Switching to a custom ROM will let you enjoy the latest version of Android long after your device’s official support has ended. A custom rom will let you Personalize Everything on you phone,Remove Bloatware, Speaking of freedom, you’re about to take tweaking your phone to the next level. Android is already immensely customizable, letting you swap out the launcher, replace icons, and create gestures. But a custom ROM gives you access to everything else and much more.

What do I need to install a ROM?

A Custom Recovery
A Rom.zip File
Rooting(Not always necessary)

Where do you get your custom ROMs from?
From different Forums and Blogs E.g Xda-Forum.

My custom ROM has a lot of Bugs what should I do?
You can always post a comment or visit the Rom developer site for update

Will this brick my phone?
If You can follow the Necessry intructions, then no problem!

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