Download and Install Among Us Mod apk for Android 2020


You want to play Among Us, don’t you? well, you’ve come to the right place! Among Us Mod apk, an online or multiplayer platform game where you can have fun with your friends – brought to you by Inner-sloth. Among Us, is a game platform where you have to identify the villain who is trying to kill you or your friends in the game. Now this villain is called an impostor, and other members you include will be the crewmates or teammates.

The objective of you and your team will be to find this impostor before he kills you if you are not chosen as the impostor. At the same time, the main motto of the impostor will be to kill teammates before he is spotted.

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Gameplay and Features of Among Us Mod Apk

Among Us is full of fun and exciting features:

  • For any game-winning is the most important, so in this game, you also have to win by finding the impostor or if you are an impostor you have to survive in the ship until the end.
  • This is a game with a very high IQ, you need a high IQ to play this game. It is full of fun, very exciting game.
  • There are 10 people on the ship, some of whom are impostors. The Impostor can ruin your ship, so you need to find the Impostor as soon as possible.
  • Admin map and camera view help the player keep an eye on teammates. Any misconduct in the game arranges the emergency meeting.
  • You need to be alerted every time in the game, if you find the corpse contact your teammates and find the impostor and save your ship.
  • Complete the various missions to save the ship from traitors and win the game.
  • Once you find the impostor, immediately hold an emergency meeting and vote for the impostor and kick him from the ship.
  • The graphics of Among Us is very amazing. You will love the game, you will have no problem regarding the graphics. All the characters are perfectly visible, there are no glitches in the game. The animation of the game is amazing and maybe that is the reason why people love this game.
  • You can play this game at 60 frames per second and since it’s not a big game, you won’t face any framerate drop issues. If you have a low-end device and you think it will not be perfectly compatible with your device then you think wrong, you will not face any major issues in your low-end device.

Features of Among Us Mod APK v2020

1. Kill Cooldown is not present:

All users who opt for this apk file will no longer have to wait more than once to kill more than once. Go for double or triple eliminations without wasting your time and play the game effectively.

2. Ghosts and cats:

If you are one of the teammates then it will be a huge advantage for you. With this feature, you can easily spot the impostor and avoid getting killed in the game.

3. Wall Hack:

Like other games, Among Us will also have obstacles in your way, and by using this mod apk you can see through those obstacles. See quickly through walls and with 2D radar keep playing without any obstacle in between.

4. Light hack and impostor:

The apk will help you see even in dark areas and you can quickly identify who is the impostor and who is the teammate. The Imposter hack can also get you enforced if you want.

5. Unlimited skin, hats and pets:

Skin, pets and hats, anything and everything will be available to you, free of charge. This will indeed make your game more exciting and better fun.

6. Speed ​​Hack:

Download Among Us mod apk and activate speed hack from mod menu.

7. No advertisement:

This mod apk is ad-free, you can download Among us Mod APK from the below provided download link and enable No Ads option in the mod menu and enjoy the game ad-free.

Download and Install Among us Mod Apk 10.22

Version 2020.10.22
Cut 70 MB
Game developer Inner sloth LLC
Last update November 4, 2020
Price free
Android Support Yes
Advertisement No
  • First, delete the file or uninstall any version of Among Us previously existing on the device.
  • Then download the latest version of Among Us MOD Apk from the available third-party link.
  • Then, allow installation from unknown sources, if prompted.
  • Once the installation is complete, you can simply start the game and enjoy the benefits of Among Us Mod APK
  • When you open the game for the first time, a message prompts you to allow viewing in other applications. Allow this for the mod to work properly.
  • A floating icon will appear, there you can set the parameters of Among Us Mod Apk 2020.

Download Among us Mod Apk 2020 10.22 Below


Is it safe to use the APK Among Us Mod?
You can indeed opt for this APK as it is completely free from virus and malware attacks, so no worries.

Can you speak on Among Us?
Without a better convo, Among Us is not complete. So, chatting with team members is the most important role of the game. In order to successfully survive and accomplish each goal.

Can you play Among Us alone?
Among Us, you need a minimum of 4 players to play. Enjoy Among Us from apk / hack mod menu with your friends and family.

How can I change my name in Among Us?

  1. enter a game, by going online.
  2. Above the Host option there will be a name box.
  3. Here you can choose the name you want.

Is Among Us free?
Among Us is free to play the game with paid features for everyone. These features will cost from $ 0.99 to $ 2.99

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