[Download] YouTube ++ on iPhone installation Guide (download videos, hide advertisements and background)

YouTube ++ on iPhone installation Guide
YouTube ++ on iPhone installation Guide
YouTube ++ on iPhone installation Guide
YouTube ++ on iPhone installation Guide

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YouTube ++: download and installation without Jailbreak on iPhone:

Do you want to install YouTube ++ on your iPhone or iPad? Well, just read this guide to be able to do it. Let’s go back to talking about iPhone and iOS and in particular today we do it with a guide dedicated to YouTube, the famous video sharing social network.

Today, in fact, I want to explain how to install YouTube ++ on your iPhone without Jailbreak. In this way you can add many features to the program, functions not present in the “original” version of YouTube but which will allow you, for example, to download and save videos from YouTube on your iPhone and more, such as the possibility to block advertisements, play background videos, convert audio to MP3 and more.

But let’s proceed calmly and see together what YouTube ++ is, what the program’s functions are, what it does, how to download it and how to install YouTube ++ on iPhone without Jailbreak.

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What is YouTube ++

YouTube ++ is a modified and non-original version of the official youtube app for iOS devices. Obviously it is not found on the App Store, but must be installed manually on the iOS device. This is nothing illegal or risky. It is just a way to “empower” YouTube to the max.

This modified version of YouTube for iPhone adds exclusive features to the social network, functions that are not present in the “normal” program and that are really useful. In short, the new developers have implemented additional functions that improve the user experience from every point of view.

YouTube ++ functions and features: what can you do with it?

But what are these exclusive features offered by YouTube ++? Here is the complete list of what you can do with YouTube ++ compared to the original app:

  • Addition of an internal browser to open links.
  • Hide the upload button that is always present in the original app.
  • Choose the default page.
  • Block and hide all advertisements on YouTube (both banner and video).
  • disable age lock.
  • Ability to play videos in the background (using the iOS control center) while the YouTube app is closed.
  • Added controls to move forward / back more comfortably in video playback.
  • Ability to control playback speed at will (0.5x – 2.0x).
  • Possibility to download and save all videos from YouTube on the iPhone to watch them offline without internet connection and choose the video quality (for example, 1080p and 60fps).

As you can see, the features offered by YouTube ++ are really many. Functions that we have long wanted in the original version of the program but that probably will never come. And to get around these limits you can install YouTube ++.

Now that we’ve seen what YouTube ++ is and what features it offers, let’s see how to download and install it. The guide will take you 5 minutes, I assure you. And once you try this modified version you will never go back to the original version of the program.

YouTube ++ IPA download

First of all, you need to download the program file with the active mod.

You can download the latest ALWAYS updated version of the app from HERE.

I preferred to rely on an external link because the app is constantly updated and updating the article in real-time would be almost impossible. Instead, I refer you to the original site from which to download YouTube ++ so that you can always have the latest updated version of the application.

YouTube ++ iOS – Installation

Jailbreak is not required, therefore you can install it without having to void the warranty of your device.

Once you download the IPA file of the program with the active mod, follow these steps to install it:

1. Check that you have the latest version of iTunes on PC / Mac. If necessary, update the program.
2. Connect iPhone to PC / Mac using the cable
3. Start the Cydia Impactor program ( DOWNLOAD HERE + GUIDE if you don’t already have the program).
4. Drag the IPA file you just downloaded onto the Cydia Impactor interface (at the previous link you can find the detailed guide to use Cydia Impactor).
5. A window will open automatically with a warning: press OK to continue.
6. In the new window enter your Apple ID and press OK.
7. Then enter your Apple ID password and press OK to proceed.
8. The app installation process will begin. Be patient for a few moments.
9. After the installation, when you try to start the app the error “Unauthorized developer” will appear.
10. To correct and solve the problem, go to Settings> General
11. From here click on Profiles and look for the profile that shows the name of your Apple ID.
12. On the tab that will open click on ” Authorize + your Apple ID “, then again Authorize
13. At this point, you can start the program on your device.

That’s it: you’re ready to start the program and enjoy all the additional features available.

Now have fun downloading all the videos from YouTube directly to your iPhone in a simple click and taking advantage of all the other exclusive features offered by YouTube ++

Just start the program to start enjoying all the new features in a simple, clear and fast way. No special instructions are needed, because using the modified version of the program is almost the same as using the original one. You will only have some very useful additional functionality, which was not present before.

However do not forget that for any doubt or question you can leave a comment at the end of the article, we will help you as soon as possible.

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