12 Ways To Remove or bypass Google Account After Reset On Android Phones (FRP / Factory Reset Protection)

12 Ways To Remove or bypass Google Account After Reset On Android Phones (FRP / Factory Reset Protection) 9

   Today i am going to show you different ways to remove or bypass a Factory Reset Protection known as Google frp on any android phone. The method and solutions listed and described in this post have been tested by me, you can keep trying them one after another until you find a method that will help you unlock your device.

How it works:

Google is actively improving the security of the Android OS in many ways, one of them is the “anti-theft” protection which link a device to a Google account, in other to prevent unauthorized use or stealing.

Starting from Android 5.1 Lollipop version a new anti-theft mechanism has been added, this is how it works: the owner of the smartphone or tablet after purchase connect the device to his Google account. If the device is suddenly lost or stolen and someone erases, wipe or reset all the data, it will automatically activate Google Device Protection which is also know as Factory Reset Protection.
Basically, once a phone has been tied to a Google account by the previous owner, you need to remove the same account and password from the phone before reset.
But not everything went as smoothly as you would like, if you bought a used smartphone legally or force reset your phone through recovery, then your phone will be FRP locked.

Possible Solutions And Methods:

Method 1: Official Reset (Remove Your Phone from the Google Account)

1. Enter login and password from Google account that was before reset, if the device is purchased from someone else, then ask for their account details information.
2. With the email, login into their Google Account settings and remove your Android device.

Follow this steps to disable:

To completely disable Factory Reset Protection/FRP:

1. In order to disable protection after a reset (Factory Reset Protection / FRP), you will need to go to “ Settings ” Android  “ Accounts / Accounts ” and delete your Google account before a direct reset.
2. Activate ” Developer Mode / (USB Debugging)” and enable “OEM Unlock”.

If you try to enter your Google account after resetting your Android settings, but you can’t go further, then most likely you have reset your password not so long ago, if so, then wait 24-72 hours, and then try again.

Method 2: Add a number to an existing account

1. Insert a SIM card into the device on which you want to delete a Google account.
2. Call this Android device.
3. Accept the call and click the add new call button.
4. In the dialers write any numbers and “Add a number to an existing account”
5. Enter your Google Account Details.
6. Save contact in your account.
7. Reboot Android.

Method 3: Using Engineering code bypass

1. Insert SIM card into the locked Android phone.
2. Call this device.
3. Accept a call and create / add a new call.
4. In the dialers, dial the following engineering code * # * # 4636 # * # *
5. After dialing, your Android should automatically transfer to the advanced settings menu.
6. Press the back button and you should be in the settings menu.
7. Go to the ” Recovery and reset ” or ” Backup and Restore ” section.
8. Disable “Data Backup” and everything related to data recovery.
9. Do a factory reset.
10. Setup your device as New.

Method 4: Using Fastboot

If your Android device supports Fastboot, then you can try to reset FRP through it.

Requirement and Important Files:

1. Computer.
2. Android drivers installed.
3. Download Fastboot to your device.
4. Put the device into Bootloader mode.

Then you can enter the following commands:

fastboot oem clean_frp

execute any of the below commands:

fastboot erase persistent
fastboot erase frp
fastboot erase config

Method 5: Using ADB

After the reset, you need to try to enter the settings menu, after which you will need:
Requirement and Important Files:

1. Computer.
2. Android drivers installed.
3. Download ADB RUN to your device.
4. Connect Android to computer and launch ADB RUN.

Then enter the following commands:

adb shell content insert –uri content://settings/secure –bind name:s:user_setup_complete –bind value:s:1

adb shell am start -n com.google.android.gsf.login/

adb shell am start -n com.google.android.gsf.login.LoginActivity

Method 6: via SMS application

1. Go through the initial setup menu of the device and connect to a Wi-Fi network.
2. Enter the e-mail and try to select it, the message “Send / Share” will appear, select this item.
3. Open via SMS application.
4. In the number field enter 112 and in the body of the message write anything and press send.
5. A notification will appear that the SMS was not delivered, select this message.
6. At the top there will be a “ Call ” button , click on it.
7. Delete the number 112 in the dialers and enter * # * # 4636 # * # *
8. A menu will open for testing the device, click on each item, one of them will redirect you to Android Settings.
9. In the settings, go to the “Reset and Restore” section and do a full reset.

Method 7:  SP-Flash Tool MTK (Mediatek) Devices

For this method, you need the official Stock firmware of your phone for flashing using a computer and  SP Flash Tool. This Stock rom should contain a scatter.txt file.

1. Make sure you have Download and install MTK drivers on your computer.
2. Install Notepad ++ on your computer.
3. In the folder with the firmware, find the scatter.txt file and open it through the Notepad ++ program.
4. Locate partition b in the “frp” text file and then copy the values ​​of the linear_start_addr and partition_size fields.

12 Ways To Remove or bypass Google Account After Reset On Android Phones (FRP / Factory Reset Protection) 10

Close the scatter.txt file
5. Run  SP Flash Tool and in the “Scatter-loading file” field specify the path to the scatter.txt.

12 Ways To Remove or bypass Google Account After Reset On Android Phones (FRP / Factory Reset Protection) 11

6. Switch to the Format tab in the SP Flash Tool and specify.

12 Ways To Remove or bypass Google Account After Reset On Android Phones (FRP / Factory Reset Protection) 12

  • Manual formatting – “Manual Format Flash”.
  • Region “EMMC_USER”.
  • In Begin Adress [HEX] , linear_start_addr values.
  • In Format Length [HEX] , partition_size values.

7. Then connect the smartphone to the computer and press the Start button to erase the values ​​of the FRP section.

Method 8: Using Google Now

1. Insert a SIM card, turn on the frp locked Android phone and setup until you get to the enter your Google account details screen.
2. Using another phone, call the Sim in the locked Android, receive a call, hold the center key until Google Now appears, end the call from the other device.
3. Press the Back button , in the search bar we enter the word “settings” and click to enter device settings.
4. Next, go to the “recovery and reset” section and turn off all the checkmarks and do a device reset.

Method 9: Using Google KeyBoard

1. Remove SIM card.
2. Turn on the phone, select the language, skip SIM setup.
3. In the window where you need to enter Email’
4. Hold the @ symbol on the (Google KeyBoard) button and select the settings.
5. Next, click the “Show running applications” button and in the Google search bar  type “settings”
6. Select the application settings.
7. In the settings, select the “Recovery and Reset” section and perform a reset.

Method 10: Using TWRP Custom Recovery

For this method to work you need 3 things:

SD card Must be inserted.
TWRP Recovery Must have been installed on your device.
Download and put the FRP-False.zip file to the root of memory card.
Then put Android into Recovery mode and flash the FRP-False.zip file.

Method 11: Reset DRM Licenses

1. Connect to wifi
2. When the network check begins, go back
3. Choose another Wi-FI network, no matter which
4. In the field for entering the password, we type absolutely any characters, after which we select them, and click on the three dots (additional menu) and “Show prompts”
5. In Google we write “SETTINGS” and open the phone settings.
6. Next, select “Recovery and Reset” -> “Reset DRM Licenses”.
7. We return to the Wi-Fi connection, connect and enter a new account.

Method 12: FRP reset For Xiaomi Devices

Choose a language
1. Select region (country of residence)
2. Connect via Wi-Fi to the Internet
3. Go back to the very beginning with the back key
4. Hold on the welcome page with 2 fingers, since not incl. Talkback
5. Draw the letter L on the screen
6. Select TalkBack Settings
7. Hold down the volume keys at the same time and turn TalkBack off
8. Scroll to the bottom and select “Help Feedback”
9. Launch a video clip and go to YouTube (click three dots when switching)
10. We find a video with a link to the description (almost all Android +1 videos)
11. Click on the link and then three points, run Chrome
12. Log in to Chrome, skip login
13. We type in the search “ quickshortcutmaker “
14. Download the found application
15. Start installing the application> Allow installing applications
16. Download the application again and install it.
17. Run the application
18. Turn on voice search and find “Settings”
19. Choose view
20. Go to settings in the menu “About phone”
22. Press quickly seven times on the item “Version Miui” 7 times
23. Go back
24. Go to Advanced Settings> For Developer
25. Select Factory Unlock
26. Go back
27. Restore and Reset menu and reset

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