How to use Spotify Premium free on an Android, PC and MAC (No Limitations and APK)

Spotify Premium free
Spotify Premium free

   You can always take advantage of the Spotify Premium experience for free without payment either on PC or mobile. For smartphones users, there are some limitations, like forced skip/shuffle play music playback or advert between tracks.

   In today’s tutorial, we will talk about ways to get some free Spotify Premium on both Android and PC. I am going to tell you about some of the  APKs that available on the web and its disadvantage, as well as tricks to avoid advertisement and skip tracks in song limitation( forced shuffle play in the App).

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For Android, there are Spotify APK files (created by third parties) that certainly offer premium features totally free (with the exception of downloading songs). However, you must be careful. Not only do you expose yourself to getting infected with viruses. Your Spotify account can be banned or deleted temporarily or permanently.

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How to Use Spotify premium on PC:

How to use Spotify Premium free on an Android, PC and MAC (No Limitations and APK) 7

   To use spotify premium on PC or Computer download the best available client from here. Alternatively, for MAC users you can just login to the player online by visiting this URL with your browser: . You can legally play all music track without the random mode limitations for mobile users. What you will have to tolerate is the advertising between songs, the banners and you will not be able to download the music.

You can also open the web player version of this URL address:  in your Android browser and activate desktop mode (from the browser menu). This will allow you to listen to the demo of any song (30 seconds). This is also another way to avoid the forced shuffle play.

The best modified Spotify Premium APK:

Spotify DogFood

How to use Spotify Premium free on an Android, PC and MAC (No Limitations and APK) 8

The only way to use Spotify Premium free on an Android phone is to install a pirated APK like Spotify DogFood. It is a modified version of the original APK of Spotify, but it allows you to play any song, without being forced to listen in random mode (shuffle play).

It as been confirmed that Dogfood Spotify APK is reliable and safe, because it source code is made available by the developer as “open source”. However, due to copyright claim, the APK, code and variants were dropped from Github and even from XDA-Developers. The creator’s website at: is not available either. The only thing available and found on the web are files that have been recovered from version 8.4 .
Name: Spotify Dogfood
App Version: 8.4
Size: 42 MB
Download Link

Lucas Picchi Mod:

How to use Spotify Premium free on an Android, PC and MAC (No Limitations and APK) 9

Spotify Premium byLucas Picchi.
Another modified APK (Android 4.0+) by the Argentine developer Lucas Picchi, which eliminates random music play restriction and song change limit. However, there is no mention of announcements between songs.

Important notes about Lucas Picchi «mod» APKs:

1. It is very important for users to uninstall any previous version of spotify on their phone, in order to avoid signature conflict and failed installation. Also in your Android settings, “unknown sources” of installation must be allowed, in order to install third party application.

2. Login does NOT work through the Facebook application, but login and password works normally. To log in with Facebook app, you must first uninstall or temporarily disable the social application (if it is installed). Once you log in (via web), you can reinstall or reactivate Facebook.

3. It works without root, Unlike TabletMetrics Xposed module (which did something similar).

4. You can’t download and listen to offline songs.
App Name:
Size: 22MB
Download Link

BEWARE OF THESE APK : Spotify had already been warning about the use of these APKs, something that could culminate in the cancellation of accounts . As of March 1, its terms and conditions has change and directed towards that end. It will give them the authority to cancel without notice the account of users who “elude or block advertisements in the Spotify Service, create or distribute tools designed to block advertisements in the Spotify Service.

Spotify without advertising (Modify “hosts” file):

From reddit, a couple of users have discovered a way to have Spotify without audio ads, free on Android, without installing an APK like the previous ones. The method is something technical, but apparently functional.

It is about blocking the URL from which the Spotify ads are transmitted to the Android application. This is done by modifying the “hosts” file of the Android system, with a file browser with root support. This file is located in mobile storage, directory / system / etc /. In this hosts file you must add the following:

   You have to save the file and restart the device. Users without a rooted device, can make use of DNS66 or AdHell application to edit their Host file( For samsung smartphones without root use AdHell app).

CAUTION : It is possible that the host file trick method of blocking Spotify ads is also illegal. If we consider the new terms and services of the company. Therefore, it is likely your account might be blocked or closed by using them. Proceed at your own risk.

Subscribe to Spotify:

This is what you need to know about spotify subscription.

   Spotify is a service that allows you to listen to online music from a huge catalog of artists from around the world. Premium users can download music to their devices to listen offline, as well as listen to high quality audio at 320kbps. These are two things that no APK or trick offers. The cost of the service varies from one country to another. If you are a student or if you form a group with your friends or family, you can subscribe for a significantly lower cost. Keep in mind that you not only pay for a good service, but also that you are recognizing and supporting the work of your favorite artists. You can subscribe by clicking on this URL: They offer you 30 days for free.


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